Palin Quits!

I wonder what the real story is behind this...


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What story?

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She's simply demonstrating the leadership style she wants to bring to the United States; when the going gets tough, the hockey moms go home.

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


She's running for president doodoo bird

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She's like Clinton she will never go away

I thought Doo-doo birds elected queens. . .

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. . . an office for which Sarah Palin is, indeed, well suited.

Bill Clinton was the 42nd governor of Arkansas from 1983 until he resigned in December 1992 to effect his successful transition to President of the United States.

George W. Bush resigned the governorship of Texas in December 2000, shortly after he was appointed President of the United States by the Supreme Court.

Both men arguably fulfilled their duties as governor of their respective states while campaigning for this country's highest office.

Jimmy Carter was the governor of Georgia until January 1975, after which he successfully ran for and was elected President of the United States. Please note that the end of his term as governor gave him 20 months to devote to campaigning for the office that he eventually won, a situation strikingly similar to Palin's if she had completed her term of office.

Ronald Reagan was governor of California until January 1975, after which he campaigned against incumbent President Gerald Ford for the 1976 Republican Presidential nomination. He narrowly lost the nomination to the incumbent President, in yet another situation remarkably similar to Palin's current situation.

Would you like to explain to us why Palin needs to resign as Alaska's governor in order to run for primaries that won't begin for another two-and-a-half years?

Best regards, Wally

This has upset a number of people including this fellow >>>>

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freakin' hilarious. Points.

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Ron Paul will be in the Bruno movie

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Which I will not see because that fake, gotcha humor does not make me laugh.  Just cringe a little.

{;-) Dan in Miami

I knew there might be more to this story...

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rumors of another shoe to drop soon

Sarah should ask George about shoes dropping

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