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French try to save frogs

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Ribbit.  In a selfless attempt to save the emblem of their wine and cheese swilling nation the French are now calling for the defense of hoppy toads and frogs.  From the news wires:

Thu Feb 25, 4:39 pm ET

PARIS (AFP) – An animal protection group is urging French authorities to build special crossings to save millions of frogs and toads from being squashed on the country's roads.

"For frogs, toads and newts, the most visible cause of death is undoubtedly road traffic: the animals try to reach the damp areas they need to reproduce and are flattened by the million," the Association for the Protection of Wild Animals said on its website.

The group's suggestions for reducing the death toll include advising drivers on areas where frogs and toads cross and lobbying local authorities to build tunnels to help them cross roads safely.;_ylt=At...

{;-) Dan in Miami


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