Pet peeve about the Warner Brothers cartoon DVDs

I've been watching the third series of Warner Brothers cartoons on DVD.  A lot of classic stuff there (though I've always thought ROBIN HOOD DAFFY overrated). I've even seem some interesting material for the first time, such as ROCKET SQUAD--the title's a pun on the TV show RACKET SQUAD--with Daffy Duck and Porky Pig in a space-age parody of DRAGNET.  Daffy's Jack Webb-like narration includes the line: "He was such a clever criminal he had never been suspected of anything."

What's my pet peeve?  Whenever you put one of the discs in your machine, it starts with a disclaimer by Whoopi Goldberg trying to pre-empt complaints about the racism in some of the cartoons.  Seeing it once is harmless, but they have it at the start of ALL the discs in the series, and YOU CAN'T FAST-FORWARD OVER IT! (Like the messages warning about punishments for copyright violations.) I leave the room when it starts.


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A minor peeve, no?

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I'm impressed that Whoopee and Warner Brothers have done that.  It's about time we started getting over that crap. 

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