PETA urges Ben & Jerry's to use human milk. Ewww.

There's nothing like the milk of human kindness

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to bring out the best in PETA.

Come on, guys! Let's us pray that this turns into a breastfeeding thread!


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If I started a group called FPETA, do you think many people would want to join?


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I dunno. Do you have big tits and a nice, tight little smile?

It depends.

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What does it stand for?

As an aside (and this is coming out of somebody who likes animals... and owns a leather jacket and eats meat) I just read a book that posed the question, "What if plants are concious?  Are vegetarians murderers?"  O_o

What if plants are conscious? Are vegetarians murderers?

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Apparently, the jury might still be out, although I wouldn't be so deluded as to think that plants don't have feelings. Is there one among us who was first to cast a plant into the fires of hell? Murderer!

Spinach. Spinach deserves to be cast down into the fires of hell.

And creamed corn.

Interesting though and all, but

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Okay, for one, I would assume PETA would be happy if we all stopped drinking cows milk and switched to breast milk.  Or rather just didn't drink milk, period.  However their suggestion incourages a large industry to substitute breast milk in it's products.  I don't think that Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream could profit from donations of mreast milk alone.  So how would they get the milk aside from donations?  Some ugly situations come to mind.  I'd rather cows be in that position as they don't seem to know otherwise.  When was the last time you saw a cow unhappy about being milked?  It just stands there and doesn't even moo.  I am not crazy about cows and other animals being in disgusting and cruel positions when they are used for food, this I object to.  However, do you expect humans to take there places?  With breast milk, that is what PETA is suggesting.  If other countries have sweat shops, just imagine what would happen if the market switched over to breast milk alone.  I don't mean this in a comical manner.  I don't think it's a great idea to switch cows with people.

Public breast feeding should be outlawed!!

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There, that ought to get 'em going.

I'm having a hard time picturing big-bellied pregnant women lying face first on a table with two holes and feeling  jolly about selling their milk of human kindness to make ice cream.

Artificial flavor, anyone?

Speaking of which, I haven't had any ice cream for ages now. I think I'll go buy some.

Ben and Jerry's Terribell flavored ice cream!

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^^^ Possible pervert alert

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