Poor poor Sarah Palin


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that woman has no actual PR people working for her that have a working knowledge of English, history, geography or science of any kind. When you're illiterate and have the IQ of a post covered in Alaska hoarfrost, it's really really really really hard work to thimk coherently and realize that you will need he'p. Thank goodness for that.

Which begs the question, if that woman actually wants to be a candidate in 2012, who the hell is/will be running her campaign? Todd? Tre? Roger Ailes?

She's going for the gold medal in disgusting.

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~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


President Palin's adress from the Wassilla White House

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In her first formal address to the nation from her White House compound President Palin gave a cogent intelligent rebuttal to the liberal dipsticks that were attacking her. She definitely repudiated them good.

Don't you mean "refudiate"?

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is worth an A-men right there!

Can I get a Praise Je-sus!!?

There are signs that the GOP maybe culling her...

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from the clown car full of candidates for 2012

Of course there's nothing stopping her from running as a Tea Party candidate

Meanwhile both sides of the aisle are praising Obama for his speech

Thus showing some people got it and some ain't

Here's hoping we hear less and less from Sarah Palin

Howard Stern on Sarah Palin


There are signs that the Palindrone is reviving her campaign!

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Here is one:


Fer shure you all are going to give me a Praise Je-sus for finding this one!

God I love American politix.

It will be a cold day in hell

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Dog help us all

Speaking of those refudiators out there...

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I hear Obama's boss is in town.



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Will I have to learn to speak chinese?


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They've got a billion that will speak it for you.

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