Poor Rajah all alone in Crankyland with nuthing but a spambot for company

Such is the state of Zombie Crankyland!


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yeah. Too bad the new owners don't give a shit about this place

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I still spend plenty of

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I still spend plenty of money on new content. I thought the site was going to be pretty decent at self policing, but that was a fail. Cleaned up the spam blog entries already...now need to delete the comments too.

Its not that I don't care...but there was no introductory course on all the pieces there are to the site. I have run other Drupal sites and they were not spammed anywhere near as heavily as this site has been.

Seems kind of silly to keep the forums going

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Given there's only a handful of regular posters left with the rare long lost poster stopping by to visit now and then

There use to be a number showing how many visitors to the site. I can nolonger find it.I suppose people still come here to read the reviews.

Coaster, I would accuse many of the posters of not giving a shit anymore too.

So many have gotten lives, moved on, etc.

I would use the reply button but it's much more fun to watch Coaster have a hissy fit over its unuse.

If you guys want to keep it

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If you guys want to keep it up we can, but if it is prettymuch a dead forum then we can sorta depreciate it ... look for a way to archive it as read only.

I just deleted or unpublished whatever remaining spam there was. One option to make maintenance easy would be to disallow new user registrations...or require approval of new accounts before they can post. But right now I think the site is set up to even allow anonymous posts, which is not so good if one wants to fight spam without throwing a couple hours of their life in the garbage can each day ;)

It does look like a hassle to get rid of spam

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I guess you could go back to having every poster register but I believe we had a spammer who was registered.

Hard to figure out what would attract new posters to Crankyland. Porn seems to be very popular on the Internet. Perhaps Crankyland could offer  unique kinds of porn. Like the older crowd might want to see naked pics of Betty White, I know Coaster would. Our members who hail from the Great White North would probably want to see naked pics of mounties, moose and beavers. Well it's just an idea.

And so it begins...

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a naked moose, caught in the shower!


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Think of the children!!!



Naked Betty

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Wait for it....

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Boop-boop de doop!


Couple more fixes

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1.) New user registration turned off for now. If you guys have a friend you want to invite just ping me and I will set that up for you.

2.) Anonymous comments turned off.

Between the 2 of these it should kill about 99% of forward looking spam. There might be a few legacy spammer accounts still registered, but after they spam we can disable their accounts.

So while this strategy certainly is not one with a strong short-term growth trajectory in mind, it is one which will allow us to chat without having to be constantly bombarded by fake Nike Air Jordan shoe comments. Those Chinese assholes who kept spamming this site with that garbage make me want to create an authoritative site on that topic just to punish them and drive all their trash down in the search results.

Who knows, would could even create a forum for "favorite shoes to wear while watching movies" and just beat them back with that...bet they would drool over all that green pasture that they would have no chance at polluting* :D

* unless, of course, they are bots! Bots don't drool.

I appreciate the work. Thank you.

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A couple of more things.  The cobwebs need to be dusted off of the Caption Contest and the Poll on the homepage.  It will freshen up the look of the place not to have stuff there that hasn't been changed in over a year.  Please either put up something current in their places or delete them.  Either will improve your home page. 

I've got some suggestions on Spam fighting that are less restrictive for attracting new blood that I'll send you via the site's Contact function.  I'll write you before the weekend is up. 

I don't mind fighting the ocassional spam, but I was sick of spending two hours per day every week day (spammer gave me weekends off) doing it.  Often I would remove from 50 to 75 spams per day.  It just got old. 

Hello, my name is Coster and I am a Cranky addict. 

Glad I was able to help. The

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Glad I was able to help. The reasons I was so restrictive with it are...

a.) you guys were complaining about it
b.) it did make the site look like crap
c.) my time is *super* expensive & scarce. so I have to do something which won't require daily work from the admins to maintain. sorry the spammers were that aggressive...but glad they are blocked for now!

another obvious option is to just block the whole China IP range (or find a way to at least block them from signing up while also blocking anonymous comments), since it seems almost all the spammers were from China and promoting knock off Air Jordan shoes.

I also have generally come to loath anonymous comments from non-registered users. I think they are typically ill-informed and at best entirely ignorant. One of the great points in the book "You Are Not a Gadget" was that transient anonymity is probably the #1 leading ingredient in most cases of trolls (and the same is true for spam).

I have a dream....

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....a dream where you could backtrack a spammer or a malware squid, then send a squad of supercyborgs at them to trash their equipment and burn their hands and faces off.

It's just a dream I have.



Sometimes dreams come true...

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This Punk Had it Coming

I should feel guilty for laughing ...but I don't.

You guys been makin' changes?

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     That site the innocent bystander posted about, 419eater.com, had some really good info on scambaiting, I wonder if that could be applied here? Probably not a good idea to pursue by yourself, but you should see what these guys get the spammers to do.

Contacted T.I.B. recently via e-mail

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He's doing well, got a life .etc

His main reason for not returning to Crankyland was he was worried a certain someone (grundle) was still posting here. I tried to assure him that I haven't seen hide nor hair of the creature. The only one of that ilk is Missy Busty and he or she doesn't sound like either grundle or X-Man. I almost miss those two and it's strange they haven't been here since they use to post in excess almost as bad as that Rajah person.

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