Posting images

I am unable to post an image in my blog using image properties.

The location is valid but it doesn't show up.


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I've had some similar trouble

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I tried HTML embedding but for some reason that didn't work.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

You mean like this?

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You mean like this?

The html image tag should work.  Try using the image button shortcut in the rich text editor.

Which posts did you put images in but they didn't display?  I'll check them out.

The blog image I posted is appearing now.

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Image not showing up in post

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It showed up a day later and then disappeared again when I edited the post. I take it that it must be re-approved again.

Is it showing up in the

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Is it showing up in the actual pop-up window when you put in the link?

Image linking was turned off on the site that has the images.

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I added Mr.C's site and now it's all good.


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