Progressive Movement needs better focus

Electing a Democratic Whitehouse and Congress ain't going to get what you want. It seems like pushing for real campaign finance reform would do the most good. There's too many in government beholding to the corporations to get any changes done. The Progressive movement needs a bigger boot to kick the President and Congress in the ass. Perhaps they need to wear clown shoes!


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Obama is a moderate

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Which is another way of saying he has no convictions.  Moderates are people who can't make up their minds on anything.  They go whichever way the wind blows.

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's top political adviser is backing away from having a government health care plan compete against private carriers.

David Axelrod says Obama believes a public option would be a good tool. But Axelrod says "it shouldn't define the whole health care debate."

The president is trying to refocus the debate on proposals to help the majority of people who already have insurance — for example, limiting out-of-pocket costs. That's part of the legislation in Congress, but hasn't gotten a lot of attention.

Axelrod says it's essential to create a competitive market for self-employed people and small businesses to get affordable coverage. But he's suggesting a government plan may not be the only way to do that.

Axelrod appeared Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  A whole lot of weasel words in that statement

Another word for that is wishy washy

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I think that's what's bothering progressives about Obama, he's all over the place on this issue. I know he's trying to reach a consensus on this bill but he needs to tell people where he stands. I have yet to hear a straight answer on where he stands on the public option, it keeps changing day by day.

It would have been much better if they had started out pushing for the single payer plan. Then if the had to compromise they could have bargained down to the public option. That way you have somewhere to go. But they dropped that from the get go and now if they don't have a public option they're left with just a bunch of regulations they'll probably have to drop too to get the bill to pass. Just passing something isn't going to work.

I nolonger belong to that school of thought that thinks "I can't figure out what the hell the president is up to so he must be up to some shrewd clever plan". When he seems to be floundering maybe he's really in trouble.

It's funny

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I think it's funny that Obama can't really do anything now. The Republicans have succeeded in that regard. I predict he's going to be another Carter.

He can't even make a speech to school kids, even though if it was a Republican wanting to do it, it would be seen by Republicans patriotic and for the good of the country. Ha!

Reagan had issues and the opposition tried to make them stick...but they never really succeeded. That's why he was the teflon president. But things sure are sticking on Obama, whether they are justified or not (and I do think some of it's justified. His administration just seems to keep doing one creepy thing after another).

The opposition successfully made things stick on Bush 2, but not near this fast.

Why was Reagan a "teflon president"?

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Because the press treated him as a teflon president.


Hardly. Stuff was reported.

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Hardly. Stuff was reported. But it just dropped from the public consciousness quickly. Not so with Bush, where he was successfully branded as an uneducated moron.

If anything, the press (apart from Fox News which suffers their own form of derangement syndrome) is very easy on Obama. He was certainly the teflon candidate during the primaries. He doesn't seem to have inherited it.

Just funny to watch.

Just dropped from the public's consciousness?

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It dropped from the public's consciousness because the press allowed it to drop from the public's consciousness.

A recent example I'll provide of the press controlling or being the "public's consciousness" is the Michael Jackson death. I don't know about you and your community, but everyone around here was pretty well newsed up after the first week. As the 24/7 coverage of Michael Jackson's death continued for nearly a month, I don't think there was anybody interested but the press. As for me, I don't want to hear another word about Michael Jackson unless they reanimate him. Hey, he's got enough artificial parts: It could happen...

Another example is coverage of the British royal family. In my entire life, I've only known of one American who gave a shit about the Royals. How many people do you know that could name the two young princes born to Diana? How many people can recall even one memorable comment made by either Princess Diana, that over hyped bejeweled slut, or her equally idiotic philandering husband? Philm Phan, who used to post here, seemed to care about the royals, but then again, she taught Shakespeare. It's awfully accommodating of the press to go through all this just for one person, don't you think? Face it, the press is obsessed with the Royals even if their readers would rather read about darn near anything else.

No, Mr. Drive, stuff drops from the public consciousness because the press deems it time it was dropped from the public consciousness.

The thing is a Republican will say and do things...

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A Democrat would be too embarrassed to do or say. Republicans have no qualms with looking foolish as long as it gets the job done. Look at how they've acted in this healthcare debate. Would any sane person act that way? The end justifies the means, that's their golden rule.

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