Proof dinosaurs lived with man!

Evolution Smackdown! An Atheist Nightmare!

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That smary idiot in the video is a pathetic, yet funny, liar

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The late Dr. Stephen J. Gould was a professor at Harvard for decades (nearly his entire professional life).  He held a PhD in geology and was a preeminent paleontologist and evolutionary biologist.  One of his major works was in defining the evolution of snails.  Does anyone in their right mind really think that Dr. Gould would "Walk up to a fossil of a trilobite and say

'What's that?'"

 That bloviating bag of biononsense in the video is a liar and not a very good one at that.

But thanks for the laugh, Raj.  I know you, and I'm sure you got a kick out of it, too. 

I can never remember that Stephen Jay Gould quote

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Is it "Phylogeny is the recapitulation of ontogeny" or "Ontogeny is the recapitulation of phylogeny"?


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

The only one I can remember is...

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Ho Ho Ho Escargot!


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It was the guy in the startlingly authentic lab coat and the man with the three fake college degrees that did it for me. 

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