Quantum of Solace - who's going?

Coaster, you gonna be there opening weekend?  It's got Shit Blowing Up, which I know is one of your key components of a Movie Worth Seeing.

Me, I'm interested in seeing how they continue the story from where Casino Royale left off, with Bond tracking down Mr. White, the man who stole MI6's money and had Bond's one true love killed.


Oh, was that a Casino Royale spoiler?  Bit me.




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Opening weekend? No, more like opening minute!

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Mystery, Martial Arts, Chase Scenes, and Things Blowing UP.  OHMYGOD!  It's got it all!  You couldn't keep me away from Quantum with a restraining order, pepper spray, or even Kid Rock music.  (Coaster's feet are doing a happy dance, which considering my age, is kind silly looking and ultimately sad.  BUT I DON'T FREAKIN' CARE!  IT'S JAMES BOND!!)

Quantum of Solace

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My whole family are going, Saturday afternoon matinee, old-fashioned single-screen theatre. Tally Ho!

The new Bond looks too much like Putin

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Well he does!

Myself, Putin always reminded me of Flash Gordon

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The Alex Raymond comic-strip version, more than Buster Crabbe in the serials.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Bond. James Bond.

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======= POSSIBLE SPOILERS =======

When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Ian Fleming, and I read all of the Bond novels I could get my hands on. When the movies came along, I of course "graduated", and I involved myself in the delightfully campy onscreen happenings during the course of a showing. Over the years in the Bond movies it was de rigueur to anticipate certain expressions, see certain individuals, and to have a Bond femme with a "finely tuned" name. Even a drink was ordered a certain way. And the villain. Ah, yes. The villain. Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Sir Hugo Drax. Auric Goldfinger. Finer villanous names never existed.

Now, I do realize that the '00s have arrived, and car chases, explosions, machine guns and bullets are all the rage - as they have been for some time. Still, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE INVOLVED IN THIS FUCKING EXCUSE FOR A BOND MOVIE GET ANYTHING RIGHT? It's like the writers or the director or all four never read or saw any of the triumphs. I had to wait until the end credits rolled to see what should have been the opening title sequence. I didn't find out until those same end credits that Fields' name was actually Strawberry Fields. WTF were they holding out for? Would it have been too obvious to let us know that in the actual movie? Were we supposed to figure it out by osmosis?

Fuck it, I just give up.

You're right! The campyness is gone!

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Austin Powers is more Bond than James Bond now!

I knew it was over when he switched from an Aston Martin to a BMW!

I heard its awful

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I'm not much of a Bond fan, i've only seen 2 of the movies, but i thought Casino Royale was pretty good, they should have kept the same director.

Eh, i went into this with

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Eh, i went into this with all the negative word of mouth in mind...And actually quite enjoyed it.

Best to think of it as "Casino Royale II" rather then it's own Bond entitity though.


Yeah, the villain was bland, but i think this is still an ongoing processs.  Bond is making his way up the chain of this newly-identified 'SECRET ORGANIZATION'.  Will be interesting to see if they maintain this ongoing plotline in future Bond flicks. 

I actually like the move away from the campiness. 

And how can you NOT love the direct continuation from "Casino Royale" at the beginning? That's hardcore OLDSCHOOL BOND!


The cockpit.. what is it?

Thanks, Drew

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I was beginning to think I was the only one who enjoyed Quantum.  Really enjoyed it. 

I wanna see Bond and Judi Dench get it on!

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I liked it also...

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...but the fight scenes and ADD editing made it feel, at times, more like a Bourne film than a Bond film (and I'm not the first person to make that observation). 

From what I've heard, the next Bond film will both finish the "Quantum" storyline but also get back to old-school Bond basics - gadgets, etc.




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I haven't seen it, but based on discussions held here, I probably won't.  Most Bond films have to stand on their own, and not require viewing of a previous Bond film in order to understand what's going on.

Hey Coaster...

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The cockpit.. what is it?

I saw it on opening friday

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The joys of having fridays off with my girlfriend.  We saw it and both enjoyed it for the most part.  The Bond girl is an imprpvement over some, but I miss the Jill St. John type.  (my girlfriend doesn't except that they're both redheads)  The action sequences (not all but some) that appear to have been spliced together with a weedeater aren't fun to follow, cause you can't.  Besides that it was interesting and it leaves Bond with a ready-made group to pursue.

Quantum of Tom Ford

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Tom Ford is the melanie griffith who designed all of Bond's suits for this movie. Supposedly the most expensive (300mil+) Bond ever & also the shortest - under 2 hours. I liked it - very downbeat. Olga was hot but no sex. The villain was kind of blah. Maybe the next one will be better. Jeffrey Wright seemed wasted & Judi Dench is getting to be very annoying. I loved the new theme song with Jack White & Alicia Keyes.

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