Question About Windows -- HELP RF!!!

How do I print the detailed list of files that appear on my screen in windows.  I have pictures developed with the corresponding filenames printed on the back of the photos, and I need to print the detailed list of the metafile info that shows when the picture files were taken.  The filename on the back of each picture will correspond with this list.



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Ya got me there, Mundo.

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I have absolutely no idea.


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Ho well, thanks anyway.

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Um... this is so easy, I think I misunderstand the question.

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You just want to print the long listing of filenames & info, like this:

09/10/2008  02:08 PM    <DIR>          ..
05/05/2008  07:54 AM    <DIR>          My Documents
06/03/2007  06:44 PM    <DIR>          My Porn (straight)
06/12/2008  09:38 AM    <DIR>          My Porn (tranny)
09/30/2007  06:05 PM    <DIR>          My Porn (midget)
12/02/2006  11:39 AM    <DIR>          My Porn (hobo)
05/23/2008  04:46 PM           375,427 how_to_pick_up_women.pdf
05/23/2008  04:42 PM           670,350 kama_sutra.pdf
06/12/2008  09:38 AM         4,357,446 honestly_i_am_not_a_virus.exe
05/08/2008  10:21 PM            94,151 tranny_0817.jpg
04/09/2008  12:54 AM         1,028,726 hot_granny_diaper(complete).zip
04/19/2008  10:06 PM        73,916,257 how_to_make_toast.pdf

Is that right?

Contained as part of each camera image

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is information concerning the photo. That's what I think he wants printed on the back of the picture.

Something's missing

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What, no Tubgirl in that list of TMundo files?

^^This (Xur's post)...

Kangagang's picture the funniest thing that I've read for quite some time.

Marion is Kenny Rogers?!?

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I never would have thunk that!

I tripped on a cloud

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and fell a-eight miles high

I tore my mind - on the jagged sky

I just dropped in

to see-ee what condition my condtion was in


Gee, I always pictued you as being tall . . .

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But I had no idea.

Yeah, Yeah, Oh Yeaaaaaaaaah.


(I also pictured you as being far to young to be familiar with The First Edition)


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I often wonder, if Crankylanders ever do think of me, what they imagine I look like. I've said I'm (exceptionally) tall, but I think that's about it.

I'm 35, so they're just a bit too early for me.  But I did see "The Big Lebowski" about, oh, three hundred times, which features the song.

And on my (numerous) dark, fucking drug-fueled days, it actually provides some solace.  I'm not the only one - not the only one who has pushed my soul in a deep, dark hole, and then followed it in.

I've been a Crankylander for ten years, and in that time the world and everything in it has changed - except me.  I don't think I will ever be anything other than this.  The effort to be better, to be a better person - I just can't seem to summon the energy, and even if I did, I don't believe I would be better.  I'd just be a phony loser drug-addict instead of. . . an honest loser drug-addict.

Sorry to change the tone, here.  It's been three days since I've been high, and other than a stupid biological impulse, I can't think why I am still sitting here, drawing breath.  The condition my condition is in is just fucked.


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...well, not being high when you get very high all the time can be...not fun.  The only thing to thwart the boredom is to find something else to fill the void, besides getting high.  See how long you can go, and if you do finally fall, and run and get high again, don't buy an extremely large amount of what you are getting high on.  This is doable with certain drugs and not with others.  The point is, the next time you go to re-up, cop, whatever.  Don't get all excited in the moment and buy a huge amount.  Limit yourself.  that way the time in between highs won't seem as boring because with a smaller amount you won't be high for as long.

So again, longer sober periods by trying to do some other activity, and shorter high periods dictated by not buying as much.  This will make the sober periods easier and less meaningless.

I realize this may not be applicable to every drug and I don't know what your drug of choice is.  It works well with weed.

I'm simply trying to offer some advice.  I may be way off.

I appreciate it

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but. . .

I'm sitting here trying to think of a way to rationalize my behavior, and it's just dumb.  The truth is, I don't want to quit.  I hate myself, and if I'm awake, I'm high.  This is not to say I don't have a busy life, I manage to fill *The Hours* well enough.  I just don't care to face the bottomless pit that is me stone cold sober.

So I guess whether I am literally unable to change, or if I am just unwilling doesn't really matter.  I won't.  Because it would just be too scary to try to be good to myself, to respect myself.  Because I will fail.  Because I am no good.

I, like, hate myself for typing this shit.  It's just so look at me, look at me, aren't I pitiful, but I am in a bad way and as long as I am up front about being a WASTE OF CARBON (there you are, Trish) I can sort of square it with myself.

I thank you for the suggestions, they aren't bad at all, just - beyond me.

I seriously don't think anyone is a waste of Carbon...

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I'm no fan of the twelve steps, seems to start out okay and then sprays contrary to my belief system.  One thing that does seem to agree however, is that you're supposed to agree that you are in fact powerless in comparison to your addiction, and that only a higher power can restore you to sanity.

You seem to have already agreed with yourself that you are powerless to do anything by yourself on your own in order to beat your addiction. and the fact that you can't, to you, means that you're worthless.  That seems to be pretty common ground considering the millions of addicts all over the world have adopted that as part of the first step, not that I'm shoving that on  you, i'm just saying, part of one of the more sucessful rehab programs is admitting that you're powerless up against your addiction.  That doesn't make you worthless.  The second step is asking God for help, but I don't want to feel like I'm shoving that on you BUT HAVE YOU FUCKING TRIED THAT YET IT DOESN'T FUCKING HURT?!!

Nevertheless, I've been in rehab, and had the 12 steps thing shoved down my throat, and one of the things the counsler, who also was an addict told me was, "will you please stop trying to analyze yourself and your addiction and just surrender."  I guess he was trying to say there's no point in analyzing yourself to death to figure out how to fix yourself because you can't.  You seem to have already done that.  I'm just trying to point that out, and point out that millions of people have already done that and it doesn't make them or you useless.  But there is a second part to it and that is asking God, and if you refuse to do that then get some fucking friends that don't do drugs in an AA meeting or something.  There seems to be a theory of a support network of other addicts, who are the only people who can relate to you in any way, because non addicts can't tell you shit from anything because they can't relat to you.  The only place to find people like that is at AA meetings, or NA meetings.  You can't just bump into them in social circles but if you do than great.  But the people you hang out with is another thing that makes drug addiction hard.  I used to pal around with the freakin dealer, and the dumbass was just taking my money, he wasn't my friend.  That's a relationship that had to end.

I don't know who your friends are but environment and social circles helps too.  If you'd like me to throw some more direct advice if you'll allow me, please E-Mail me at no I'm not a doctor, it's just an alternat spam address I created as a joke way back and has nothing to do with what I'm talking about.  But I don't know your situation as in terms of drugs you do, and I don't want to discuss that here.  I am an addict who is still in the recovery process, and when I said I thought we had a lot in common way back a year or so ago, that was what I meant, because some of the things you said seemed similar to some of the stuff I've done, but I really don't want to voice all that here, feel free.  I'm just trying to help because you sound like you need it.  Yeah so do I, so do a lot of people.

while we're at it, yeah, that's what I wanted to do...

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...there's probably a proper legal way to verify when the photos were taken, but it's probably better if I could do it myself rather than pay someone else.  Even if other steps are involved in making the pictures legally admittable as proof of a timeline, it'd be nice to remove a step or two and hopefully pay less money.

So Xur, what do I do?  I just want a list of the metafile info by itself, I've got the pictures printed professionaly already with the corresponding filenames on the back.  A page full of thumbnails with the dates they were created would be better.  But hey, not that it matters at this point, but it'd be good for future reference.

And thanks Coaster, but my list goes off the screen, It'd look more professional if I had a simple one page list of the metafile info.  On the other hand, the screenshot would show exactly where the files are saved in windows format.  Copying and pasting into a word document could be faked.

I think some screen shot capture software might be what you need

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This freeware will allow you to take a screen shot of the info you need and save it as a JPEG which you can print using a variety of methods.


It's moot, I just settled out of court...

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...the pictures were for a court case.  We just had the first meeting with a çourt mediator today that the court provides to help the two parties come to an agreement, if possible, as opposed to going to court.

Naturally we decided to go ahead with the mediation.  We had accidentally overpaid our former landlord an extra month's rent plus she didn't return our security deposit.  What's that you say?  Accidentally overpaid?  Yes.  We paid the first and last month's rent plus one month's security.  And then come last month of the lease, I overpaid 1 month's rent again, marked, "Rent (May)" on the check.


When we realized what we'd done, I called the lanslord, but she refused to give the rent back.  We sent her a letter more than 30 days prior to the lease's expiration, which according to the lease, is the allotted amonut of time.  We had a lot of evidence against the woman including pictures of the condition the residence was left in.  Copies of the check(s)  A recording of the landlord entering our house and saying lots of lies at the top of her lungs concerning a stove that wasn't working correctly. (may or may not be relevent but could go to character)  A past tenant that the land lord had ripped off.  (May or may not be admissible)  A report from a heating company that stated the furnace had insufficient ventilation.  (Also could go to motive as to why we decided to leave.  She had asked 3 months prior to the expiration of the lease what our intentions were concerning another year of living there.  At the time, we had agreed verbally to stay another year.  However, we called in another gas company that found numerouse violations, one of which was no ventilation around the furnace.  Should the furnace malfunction and begin producing carbon monoxide, it would get sucked intop the house without proper ventillation.  She had over 2 months to fix this, her husband owns a construction company and yet a small shack outside the house that contains the gas boiler never recieved a proper ventilation system.

So I call her and say we're no staying.  I write a letter to her certified mail.  And I hand her a letter.  We receive a cocamami letter from her lawyer explaining why she gets to keep the money, and what the woman claims in the court mediation is not viewed by her to be a double payment, but according to her lawyer's letter, is money she gets to keep.  The letter cites a past case example and talks about the lease defaulting to a month to month basis.  It's all a little un clear, but she seems to be trying to say that we could have kept the house for another month after the lease expired had we not relinguished the keys.  Keep in mind we wrote to her certified mail, and told her we expected the money back.  I told the mediator if you receive extra payment as a landlord, for the same month twice, the honest thing to do is to call your tenant and tell them you got an extra month by accident, and not call your lawyer and ask him, how can I keep this extra money.

At that point the mediator split us up and talked to them separately.  He then called us in and spoke with us, and told us that they felt entitled to keep the overpaid rent, and were offering some lowball figure for owed security.  Even charging us 600 in leal fees, again, stated in the lease loosely that we would have to if it came to that.  Whatever the deal was with the overpaid rent, was unclear from what the mediator explained.  He said, that it was what they were saying and not him, and that he couldn't advise us on what decision to make.  He also didn't seem to be able to or want to tell us wheether or not it was legall for them to do that.  It seemed like they were saying that that we could have kept the house for an additional month, but the letter was written before the last overpaid month was up.  And the check said May on it, but the lease ran into a little bit of June.

None the less it was on me to decide whether or not I wanted to procede with going to trial, paying an attorney, going through the annoyance and hatred, paying a lawyer if I did win, or loosing and then getting attacked for additional legal fees as she was already trying to do that.  We go back and forth with offers and the last thing on the table is a check for $750.  Relectantly I take the money.  The mediator against his own rules says in his opinion that's what he'd do.

Did I know we had a good case?  Yes.  I asked if I could think about it.  I could have showed a lawyer the letter.  An found out and gotten back, but the mediator said I had to make a decision then and there.  And I didn't want to chance loosing or winning and still having to pay a lawyer and not ending up with that much more but months of grief in dealing with a court case.

I'm not all that happy.  I feel like I got screwed.  The landlord laughed on her way out, happy to not pay her lawyer additional legal fees, and happy to not have to pay the full amount owed, she'd made out pretty good, and doesn't know how close she just got to having us lay a lot of evidence out against her that could have been potential embarrasing.  None the less, we didn't because it didn't seem all incredibly worth it as we wouldn't have gotten the full amount had we won, and all the trouble is stuff Í dodn't want to deal with in my life, I want it to pass and just move on.  We're in a better house now, ANd I don'rt want to think about this, or have to pay this woman's legal fees shouyld I loose.  Maybe I shopuld have sat down and showed the letter to the lawyer I spoke with.  Well, it's over now, and I don't feel great, but it's in the past, I guess.

Sounds to me

RidingFool's picture

like you got a raw deal.

Have you considered small claims court? No lawyers allowed, you get to file your own papers, and it would really piss off the landlady.

You've got to know

Marion's picture

when to fold em.

Sorry for your troubles, but honestly, it sounds as if you made the right choice.  And by "right" I mean what would cause the least aggravation for you.  That your former landlord got off easy is just an annoying side effect.  No matter how strong your case may be, there are no guarantees.

Just tell yourself good riddance to bad rubbish and feel ok.


Gotta love those NYC landlords...

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Scum of the earth.  NYC tenant protections are pretty strong, but you're right, it's a lot of hassle and aggravation.  A friend of mine recently went through years (!!) of landlord threats, harassment, and abuse because he had an honest-to-god rent controlled apartment and the landlord simply wanted him to move so he could raise the rent.  My friend was able to get a good lawyer and eventually worked a deal where he  got a large sum of money to move, but the experience left him a wreck.  If you've got a good income and no debt, it's generally not worth it to drag everything through the courts.

Well it ain't exactly NYC here...

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...but none the less, it's easier for this woman to do and pay nothing, and let us take the trouble of going after her.  She just keeps the money, and we have to do all the work.  Something's wrong with that picture, when all a landlord has to do is keep the security, and you have to go do all the work to get it back.

RF, this was small claims...

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...and lawyers are permitted.

Marion, thanks, that's pretty much how I feel about it a lot of aggravation for what isn't that much more money and isn't guaranteed.


In that case, I agree with Marion.

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Chalk it up to experience.

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