A) Is "Everything Else" going to be the main forum?...


B) is not Gary Sinise PERFECT to play Doctor McCoy in the Trek movie?..i assume they didnt use him..even though he and Kelley are dead ringers for each other..and the age is perfect... 

the guy they got for Spock is scary good..and Kirk is not too bad..i just hope they make him the real Capt Kirk


C) hey no more MCD with a edit function!..sweet! Rajahs post count will halve!

and D)

wheres Hamartoma?...and how can someone be exised from here?



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I'm guessing Boss Bubba is Hambone

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Never fear, Xwad is here!

No post count here and no fruit

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How could anyone replace Nimoy?

I don't think there's going to be a main forum

Terribell, now that you're a nun does that mean you have given up sex?


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