Queued for moderation?

What is all that about?  How does the site decide what goes into the queueueueue?


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It uses the central Akismet

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It uses the central Akismet database and the pattern of your comment/post.  If it's just a link, for instance, and the ip address you are using has a history of spam, it will get flagged.

Excessive links and/or images also usually flag a post as well.


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Thanks, jazz... does this Akismet thing look like WOPR from War Games?

Umm, well...

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It's an anti-spam filter for blogs and other software applications.



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I thought we were playing global thermonuclear war...

And yes, actually

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it looks like a whole bunch of WOPRs.

(removes double post)

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double posts suck

I use to be able to copy and paste

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Now it's too complicated.

The double post on this site that requires editing...

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...a sure mishap, but being able to delete your post would be an option, or the old duplicate post detected.

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