Rachel Maddow explains why Fox News isn't news

The difference between real news and Fox "news"

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Real news is unpredictable.


How very well said

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Rachel explains it all

Impeach Jim Gibbons!



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Her arguments can be directly reversed and applied to MSNBC to make the same case that MSNBC is a left-wing version of Fox.  The whole argument is silly.  Everybody knows that Fox is a Republican shill, MSNBC and CNN are Democratic shills, and the three letter networks are corporate shills.

Faux News ACTED on its political point of view

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Most news organizations lean one way or the other.  Fox is not only the propaganda arm of the Republican Party but it also organizes political rallies and promotes them.  They have the right to do that.  Obama is just pointing out what should be obvious but isn't to some of the far right wing-nuts.  He isn't censoring Fox.  He's just labeling them.

{;-) Dan in Miami

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