Rachel Maddow : Liberals Speak, Beltway Media Stops Reporting

That's all fine and good, but

RidingFool's picture

can't she do it in two minutes or less?

Rachel Mad Cow

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has pubic hair in her teeth - I can't understand a word she says

That's because she uses polysyllabic words

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Try watching her with a dictionary.  And someone who knows how to use one.


So she likes a little hair pie now and then

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Don't you?

I like Rachel.

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She's clearly far left, but calmer, saner, more rational, and less salivic than some of the "wing" commentators.

And yes, she's easy on the eyes, though I can't say I like her new glasses.


Rachel is one smart chick

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She's able to cut to the cheese on the issues. Her interviews are fairminded and she lets them talk but you'd better be up to snuff. Rand Paul found that out when he was a guess on her show.

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