Rachel, you will be mine, all mine!

I'll be your knight in shining armor coming to your emotional rescue



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Classic beauty

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I don't want to look stupid, but who is that?

Here's something to keep the drool going


From the first to the last, all good. Completly in love with #15 (my #1), #97 (my #2), #2, #31, #45, #24, #32 & #40

...what...what were talking about again?

that is Rachel Maddow...

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...she has her own incredibly liberal anti republican show on MSNBC.

I'm not into women with short hair, as if it matters at this point.

Good! Cause she's mine!

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All mine!


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I don't watch much TV.

Thursday nights on NBC (if I'm not out on the town) & Sunday nights on FOX is about all I can stomach. And I never watch the news.

I'm a card carrying movie buff.

...what...what were talking about again?

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