Rajah, sadly I'm not laughing this time


 I didn't know the parodie was based on a real incident,


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It wasn't me, I swear!

No, no. You posted a parodie of the Maury Povich show

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where some girl was claiming to have had sex with 300 diferent guys, remember? It was so convincing it seemed real, but the channel was owned by Stevie Ryan, an up an comming comedian actress.  I was watching it the other day and noticed some actual clips of the Maury show, and saw what the parodie was based on.  Jeez, I've never seen such things.  Well, Springer usted to have some weird stuff, but this was just down-right messed up, and didn't really have a place on the air.

The true major obscenity here

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is that anybody would watch the Maury Povich Show.


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...it was real nice of him to have the daughter make those confessions.  I'm guessing they pay for her treatment, and the mother just wants to get her daughter help, so she agrees to go on the show.  I can't say I've never watched shows like that, but not religiously, just to check it out.

An occasional watcher?

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I guess that's okay as long as you've got a ready supply of mind bleach handy.

Damn but

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I  miss Steve.

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