just viddied that Rambo flick..i

yeah..they make the bad guy just so awful bad yeah?..and hes a coward..and feeds people to pigs..and oh yeah..a child molester too...so he has to die in the best way possible.

god..i think random asian states...(but not our friends the japs or chinks) have replaced african tribesmen as the standard gibbering idiot enemy in hollywood...

this movie was basically 80 minutes (with 10 minutes of credits at the end..somehow) of generic..dark monsoon commando sneaking around..(BORING)...and standard issue jungle panting and running...god..they coulda lifted half the footage from any number of Missing In Action films....and the annoying... Burmese..I guess.. cackling...god..MAGGABA DABABBA BABAA JABBA MAGGADADA BABBA!

oh i just made myself laugh at that one..DAAABAABAA!

NOT one of your romance languages I think.

plus we got the periodic shot of the blonde dummy covering her ears amongst the carnage...just to remind you..."this is ALL so horrible!"



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