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I like the new site a lot - thanks to Jazzdrive and daz for their hard work getting it up-and-running.

I do have one comment, though: Is there any way for the "Recent comments" section to note which thread a message is attached to? It's a bit weird to login and see a recent comment that is labeled "Divert 'em into Lake Michigan," for example, without knowing (before clicking on the message and having to scroll up or down) which thread or topic it pertains to.

Ya know, sort of like combining "Active forum topics" and "Recent comments" into one.

HS, who apologizes if his post isn't clear - his morning java hasn't kicked in yet.


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But if you click on the "recent posts" link,

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it shows you which threads each comment is attached to. At least, that's how it looks to me.

Wait, I'm wrong. It shows you which threads have new comments, not which comments they are.


I've been thinking the same thing.

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Active Forum Topics just lists the five most popular threads. Recent comments is just strange. It lists all our latest comments out of context. Not really sure what the point to that is.

What would you like to see

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What would you like to see instead of the recent comments? I could put most popular movies based on your ratings, or maybe a random sampling of movie review that is always rotating.

I would like to see recent movie reviews

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Maybe you could rotate recent movie reviews and include a tag line from the review to generate interest so people would click on it.

The picture caption contest was very funny so lets start that up again.

{;-) Dan in Miami

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