Recently scene garbage films

yeah, you wouldn't think so, but most were not passable 'good' flicks.  I had given up on films, or at least the ones that were the emotionaly distraught psychotic ramblings of a mental patient on crack.  But it started up again with a gift, Inglorious basterds.

Inglorious basterds -- What starts out as most promising historical flick with a little creative freedom worked into it for good measure, quickly becomes Kill Bill 3 as yet another violent revenge plot comes into play.  It would not have been so dissapointing if not for the 70's cowboy showdown music playing throughout the film. Everytime things became serious, which was about every three minutes, there it was again, reminding me that I wasn't in fact in WWII, but was in the year 1970 and Samuel L. Jackson had a gun to my head and was telling me how I was about to get it and so on...  I will say that it did have quit a start though, had many a German villains and had some fun worked in, but mostky toward the beginning.  Oh yeah, good cinematography, a real plus for quentine here.  Very colorful film.

So we went and rented some films

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead -- What an awful film, the worst I've seen in a while.  It doesn't matter what sort of directing skill went into this.  The overall result is that the fimlm has one depressing scene being worse than the next on purpose while playing the same theme music every time it happens.  It hurts my feelings to remember how awful this film was as I type this.  Simply because the depressing scenes got progressively worse, intentionally for the sake of being that way.  At least that's how I saw it, and it wasn't the least bit fun, it was just that, depressing.  Ughh, I must move on.

The Hurt Locker -- Kinda reminded me of Black Hawk down in that the army action was well shot but was nothing but a constant barage of army action.  It kept on going and going, but I finally had to give up on it.  What was filmed was filmed rather well, and executed very realistically, although I'm no explosives expert, but it seemed technical enough.  Very interesting and amazing what these guys do.  It just kept going and going and going with no end in site.  Precicely why I'm not cut out for that sort of wor.  I suppose on another given day I would have been more likely to watch the whole thing, but I was wioth a friend, and wanting to be a good host I opted to put on something else.

Spirited Away -- The highest selling film by Japan's leading animator Hayao Miyazaki.  There are a few animi films that I do like, and there's no question Miyazaki's films have a deep meaning that doesn't come together until the end of the film, this one however, didn't seem to have much of an important meaning.  It seemed to be a bunch of garbled nonsence.  It was similar to Howls moving castle in certain aspects.  But I much prefer Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Princess Monanoke, as the messages seemed more meaningful and had some sort of positeve help the environment message.  Howl's and Spirited had a bunch of weird occurances with no message at all really.  These to were very similar, the more I think of it.  Hehe, so are Nausicaa and Monanoke.

Midnight Express -- Was good in the beginning. Kept us out of jail as much as possible, but once we got in there, it became tired after a while,   More and more depressing and then BAM!!  A gay scene of open participation.  Nobody was raped in this one, both parties were consenting and I guess they were trying to say that some sort of human contact was necessary, I've never been to jail but it doesn't suprise me that that would happen.  Managed to finish itself up though, based on a true story.

Funny People -- Again, Seems like a desent film about stand up comedy, and the comedy featured in the film was actually funny.  Seen Adam Sandler play a famous comedian was almost like watching him play himself.  Except Adam doesn't seem 'that' big or at the end of an accomplished career.  Then it got romantic comedy slash something else, and then it kept going and we turned it off.

Full Metal Jacket (re-visited) -- Everyone always brings up the beginning of this film as being as close to an army representation as possible, though these guys are in the marines.  Lots of discussion from army and marine personel on youtube under the scenes of Ernie yelling at the men.  Some claimed its worse, others claimed its easier.  I haven't a clue, and hope to never find out as I don't want to join the army, but respect those that do.  It's not the physical fitness I'm opposed to, I'm just a big pussy is what it comes down to, and I don't much believe in killing, but do understand its necesity.

District 9 -- Man, I haven't gotten that excited during a high budget action film in a while.  While Cranky complained about the ray gun violence toward the end of the film, I thought it fit in nicely.  The CGI looks real here, and comming from me, that's saying a lot.  The film was a different kind of sci-fi, intelligent plot.  Interglactic social issues.  Spurns a lot of discussion on the subject I'd imagine.  Not bad Mr. Neill Blomkamp, not bad at all.  I expect good things from you in the future.

What should TMundo watch next?  Something that would cheer him up perhapse?


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Oh what the hell, I'll bite.

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Basterds: Yeah it's probably too long, but I thought it was the most fun at the movies in awhile.  I agree, the first scene is superb, especially the cinematography here.

Before the Devil: I basically agree.  It received rave reviews but wasn't quite the tits as I'd hoped it would be (Marisa Tomei notwithstanding).  And yes, quite depressing.  But how come you didn't mention NEKKID MARISA TOMEI?  For more nekkid Marisa, see also "The Wrestler."

The Hurt Locker: good movie, very intense, but something about the second half bugged me.  Not sure I can put my finger on it, though....

Spirited Away: I remember this.  I haven't watched much anime in my day, if Spirited Away really counts as anime.  I dug it, though I didn't entirely understand it.

Midnight Express: Feels a bit dated, but still a classic.

Funny People: Good first half, dreadfully boring second half.

Full Metal Jacket: Hardly remember this one, except for the awesome boot camp sequence.  I echo Tee's comments about how accurate the depiction supposedly was.

District 9: Very cool "indie sci-fi."  Wicked social commentary, too (I've actually visited Soweto, where the movie was filmed).




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Brad Pitt saying "Bon giorno."


That's a pretty good list...

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Haven't seen Hurt Locker or Midnight Express yet, ME's been one I've been meaning to see for years and HL's near the top of my Netflix queue (Very Long Wait).  As for what to see next, I'm not sure if they'll cheer you up, but Up in the Air (theater) and 500 Days of Summer (DVD) are well worth watching.


Inglorious Basterds - my favorite film of 2009, I liked that it was competely in your face about how it wasn't an accurate representation of history.  In fact, I think that was the point of the film - there's no way to make a fully accurate movie about true events, so you might as well make a movie where (SPOILER) Hitler gets riddled with bullets and the main Nazis all get killed in an explosion (END SPOILER).

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - very interesting late period film from the legendary Sidney Lumet (Fail-Safe, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Network, The Verdict, etc) which is basically about how things go from bad to worse to much, much worse.  Plus, topless Marisa Tomei is always a treat...

Spirited Away - just might be my favorite Miyazaki film, I liked the weird imagry (the parents turning into pigs, the woman with the giant head, the weird giant spirit dude, etc).  I do watch a lot of anime, and in all honesty a lot of it is rather formulaic, so it's nice to see something really artistic.

Funny People - Perfect example of a film that was completely mismarketed (the bad buzz probably had a lot to do with what people expected from a film with that name starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan).  Like just about everyone else, I didn't like the part after (SPOILER) Sandler's cancer went into remission (END SPOILER), but overall it was a decent flick.  Plus, I liked the little digs at goofy high-concept comedies (the baby movie and the "mer-man" movie).

Full Metal Jacket - The whole point of the film (the boot camp sequence in particular) is that the military strips away humanity, individuality, etc in order to create "perfect killing machines".  I'm not attacking the military in general or any soldiers in particular, but it's what I got out of it.

District 9 - The more I think about it, the more I see District 9 as sort of the flip side of Avatar - instead of humans going to a beautiful planet with beautiful aliens and trying to screw it up, we have humans treating ugly aliens like garbage in one of the worst places on the planet (not South Africa itself, but the ghetto).  Interesting how lately we have so many parables about how badly people treat the environment, indigionous peoples, "illegal aliens", etc...


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