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Since I threw out every film I own, it's been a while since I took in a flick, scratches head.  What have I seen in a while, while I haven't been watching.  Well, I saw 1 film worth commenting, but was it worth seeing?

Bruno -- The problem with this film is that unlike it's predecessor, "Borat," it doesn't seek to prove any point about anything.  We don't get much of an inside look at the fashion and modeling industry and find out much about it.  We basically get a bunch of thrown-together public pranks featuring the Bruno character.  True, we know know that a good amount of these pranks are based on people's reaction of discust to homosexual behavior and gay innuendo etc.  But we already know that sort of hatred exists in the world, and while the Borat film added a more personal, in your face, angle to the hatred of foreigners, the Bruno film did not add such an angle.  Not to say that it didn't have it's moments.

One part of the film features a bunch of parents, whos children who are models, being interviewed by Bruno.  He asks them if they would be willing to have their child pose in a variety of revolting shots and poses.  Not sexually abusive, but morally revolting.  Although a few of the parents were somewhat put off by the questions, all of them were willing to have their child participate.  It was a discusting display of parenting gone wrong.

In addition to parenting gone wrong, Bruno goes on a talk show with an all African American audience, carrying an African American child he's supposedly adopted in africa.  He then procedes to show the audience sexually abusive pics of him and his friends having orgies in a hot tub, and the baby photoshopped into the pics.  What does this prove?  That blacks don't approve of pedophelia?  It's an awful prank that proves no more than that.  Truthe be told, the film is quite revolting in many areas,

It wastes no time in getting to the nastiness, the film begins by showing explicit parodies of gay sexual intercourse with nothing more than a black circle censoring the penetrating areas.  Definitely not a film for the conservative or homophobe.  And unlike Borat, it threw these scenes out right in the beginning, giving the viewer no time to slowly adapt to the ridiculousness of the movie.  Chances are, those that rent it may simply turn it off right at the beginning.  There are quite a few X rated scenes in this film, and one has to wonder where to draw the line between comedy and gay porn.  Or simply just call it comical gay porn.  Is it pushing the boundaries of comedy or not?

Basically, the film suceeds in being overly gay in a comical sort of way, is corny, with a weak and meaningless plot, with not much to prove.  The film has a few laughs, and if you're supreme a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen, and can handle outrageous shockfest gay comedy, than this film's for you.  If you're looking for some level of professionalism, in terms of a plot and story, than give it a pass.


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