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Funny People -- Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan & Leslie Mann Star.  Adam is a famous comedien who gets diagnosed with lukemia.  Seth plays the up and comming comedian that Adam's character hires to be his assistant.  Leslie plays Adam's x-wife.  A few celebrity cameos that make for a laugh or two.  It's a bit weird to have Sandler (who is a famous comedian) play a famous comedian, it seems kind of stupid at times but I guess it works.  The stand-up jokes are actually funny.  The film seemed to drag on a bit, and my friend wanted to watch something else so I'll have to finish it up later.  It was better than I expected though.

The Hangover -- Not as funny as I thought it would be.  A bachelor party gone wrong. 3 friends go looking for the groom who they lost the night of the bachelor party.  Nobody can remember anything.  Better than a B-movie but not enough laughs as I expected.

Inglorious Basterds -- What started out as an epic win for tarantino quickly becomes Kill Bill part III as the music score and an act of revenge make it seem that way.  Good stuff, but Quentin needs to let go of that bad-ass 70's-ish stuff.  Nice opening scene though.  Brad Pit scores a win with his character, and HS pointed out the German general is quite the villain for most of the film.  Good cinematography as well.

I have a few more comming up as soon as I watch them.


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Go -- Featuring Katie Homes, Jay Moore and a few others the film is comprised of 3 stories told from 3 different points of view.  The stories all intertwine of course.  I saw this years ago and just recently again.  It doesn't dissapoint, I like.

Kickboxer -- Classic Jean Claude Van Damme flick from the 80's.  All the key elements of an eighties fighting film are there, except for a 'Best Around' type of song which may have been replaced with something more suitable to the film's environment of Thailand.  Almost as good as Bloodsport.

I agree with your reviews of Go and The Hangover.

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I wasn't a big fan of Funny People - it just was way too long (thought I will credit the film for its honest portrayal of the industry).  I never saw Kickboxer, believe it or not.


As I said, we did turn it off, but I could've kept watching...

TMundo's picture seemed like it was getting into the real meat of the story when the film should have been wrapping itself up.  That did however, make it all the more interesting in a where are they going with this sort of way.  I still have to finish watching it and then I'll give my verdict.

Kickboxer is good for remenicent value, if you've seen Bloodsport than that's good enough.  If you still enjoy watching bloodspoort, then I suppose you'll like it.  It just happened to be on TV.

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