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Inception -- A good epic mindbender.  There is something to be said for putting lots of money into a psychological mind-fuck style film.  Whether or not that is a good thing is completelly your opinion.  Inception was flawed, as HS said, it lacked explanation of the rules to the dream software, specifically when one would fall asleep in a dream.

Also, I don't see what the confusion was about the snow fortress level.  The level was created by the architech girl, the executive was being impersonated by the guy Leonardo's character had hired to do so.

The Other Guys -- I didn't wanna see this, but it turned out to be alright.  It was hollywood satirizing itself about buddy-cop movies.  But it wasn't shot like a regular spoof, more like a buddy cop movie would be.  Mark Wahlberg does well as the guy with the angry napoleon complex, although not because he's short.  Will Farrell is good here.  Worth a laugh.

Tron 1982 (revisited) -- Now that I'm old enough to understand what was going on, this movie is finally pleasing to me. 

Super High Me -- A pot smoking comedian (I don't even remember his name) stops smoking pot for 30 days then starts again and stays stoned for 30 days documenting the results of both.  Funny but biased.

Wings of Desire -- Good if you're into direction and cinematography.  Bounce between 3 different languages.  Guest appearance by Columbo.  Very slow, not for everyone.  The film that City of Angels was based on.


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Glad you liked Inception, Tee.

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IMHO, it's hard for movies about dreams NOT to be fucked up, since their very nature means throwing all the normal rules out the window.  But in the case of Inception, all it would've taken were a few more lines of dialogue to explain the goofy shit.  Great cast though...and did you ever notice that DiCaprio has a real penchant for playing dark, tortured characters?

As for Tron 1982, you should check out Tron Legacy if you liked it.  I can't say it's any better - as there really isn't much story and the villain's a bit weak - but the FX are great and there's more with the lightcycles this time, plus a major league babe in the form of Olivia Wilde.  She's almost as babalicious as the new T-Mobile babe everyone on Crankyland is drooling over.



Wings of Desire..... OOOOH, The PAAAAIN!

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When the high point of a film is Peter Falk playing Peter Falk, than what can you expect from this snail-paced piece of Eurotrash?  I wouldn't recommend this film for anyone not already in a coma.  Wings of Desire, along with one other Eurobore which thankfully I've forgotten the title of, is the reason I quit going to Tulsa Humanist Movie Nights.

By the way, Peter Falk does a bang up job playing Peter Falk. 


If you want good Falk, see Woman under the Influence.

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