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Howl's Moving Castle -- Latest animated film from Hayao Miyazaki, stays pretty convoluted till the end. Just the way I like a film to be. When I say convoluted I mean it doesn't hold a plot but still holds my interest. I was entertained. I actually think this fulfilled my flatsceens requirements for HD because it looked pristine. The animation was good but used the latest tricks available by computer, but thoe tricks were blended well and not obvious. Good show.

Taxidermia -- Normally I don't download free movies but I couldn't find this one anywhere else but online and so I grabbed it, much to my dismay, the version I downloaded had no subtitles and was dubbed into german from its original Hungarian form. Hopping that the film would hold up well visualy I continued to watch. The film follows the stories of 3 guys who come from 3 separate generations of the same family. The first guy is a pervert who likes to stick his dick everywhere. It sees like he likes women, but instead of talking to one he seems to prefer jerking off in the room next to where the women are. And he fails at that as well, and so he finally turns to animals which leads to his untimely demise when father finds him. The second guy is a champion speed eater. All the speed eaters compete and then venture back stage to throw up. The thid guy is the son of the speed eater who is a taxidermist. The films music was done by amon tobin but you'd barely notive this. Half the people who commented on this film said it was disgusting and sick, the other half said it was genious. I'll say that the shots were shot quite artistically even though what was occuring was gross, this helpped the grossnes be less gross in many spots, but may not have separated the film from its discusting nature. I'll have to watch a subtitled version to get the full effect and decide for myself.

The Dark Knight -- I couldn't resist watching this while the other film was downloading. I though Ledger's performance was good in that he didn't sound like himself, but his face was covered with makeup so I couldn't tell if it was his acting or that that made me forget it was him. Probably both. It wasn't an excerptional performance, the voice wasn't a hard voice to do, and I wanted to swee more of the joker, but maybe because so many people were up in arms over his performance. I wouldn't consider it oscar material, but I suspect the academy will give him the nomination. The wholw Batman story told from a real-world point of view was cool I guess, the fim startyed out powerful but towards the end it just seemed to carry on.


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Dude, if you saw a shitty downloaded version of TDK

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on your computer screen, with cheapo speakers, you're really doing the film a disservice. Hell, I thought it wasn't nearly as good* when I saw the non-IMAX version on a big screen!

To really appreciate the film on its own terms, you need to see it in IMAX. It will blow you away.

*caveat: Ledger's performance was better the second time, regardless of screen size. His Joker really was a frightening guy, for all kinds of reasons. I'm glad they never gave him any kind of backstory.

Ledger's performance was so good that by the end of the film...

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I found myself empathizing with his character. I thought his Joker was surprisingly charismatic. (It's a safe bet that my opinion won't be shared by the majority, though.)

Well, the thing is...

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I understand that the new batman is trying to make batman more realistic. Two Face is a guy that got burnt by gasoline and he's pissed about what's happened. The joker got cut on both sides of the mouth and now he sorta paints the rest of his face to look like a clown but it's not some toxic accident, it's just to go along with his scars.

That being said, you've got a layout for a new-age joker. One that's much cooler than the older versions done by jack and whoever (checks imdb) Cesar Romero (yeah, that's the guy) It add more of a sence of realism that was accomplished by storyline and makeup. The third factor was Ledger doing the voice of a frenzied nut. That ain't hard to do, and with a makeup disguise, just see slingblade and imagine a clown face pained on Billy Bob Thorton and you'll get what I'm saying. Ledger's performance was good, but it wasn't oscar worthy.

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