I don't know about the rest of you feelm-o-philes out there, but I'm hot to trot to see my old friend Bruce Willis wrassle with a bunch of youngsters and come out on top of Mary-Louise Parker, any way he can. The other senior citizens in this thing look pretty agile as well.

Truth be told, since this thing has MLP in it, I could care less about whether it's subtitled, silent, sepia-toned, in 3D or any and all combinations of the foregoing. Getting a pony on my birthday couldn't keep me from seeing this thing.


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She was very good in this.

Coaster's picture

Me and Mrs. Coaster enjoyed the hell out of this.  It was a fun movie. 

Have you seen ANGELS IN AMERICA?

FearlessFreep's picture

MLP has a full-frontal scene in it!


No nudity. No sex. No drugs. No convoluted plot. WTF?

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Well, all right, I'll grant you that the plot was, uhh, the plot was...

Damn but I loved almost every minute I watched those old people struggling through bad eyesight, arthritus, wrinkles, liver spots, enlarged prostates, palsy, and parkinsons. This thing turned out to be quite a lark for all of them, including the audience.

And might I add that Mary-Louise Parker, otherwise known as Nancy Botwin of the small Weeds screen, acquitted herself rather well. But then, you have probably guessed that I pine for her slutty demeanor on Weeds. I must say that she looked a tad tired and puffy for the first ten minutes or so, but she came along nicely for the rest of this thing.

RED had more laughs than the combined efforts of Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Sgt. Bilko, and the Three Stooges. Not too shabby for a bunch of old-timers, some with ages approaching 90 or better.


Ernest Borgnine

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He is in this movie & he is in his 90's. He claims that one of the secrets of his longevity is that he masturbates at least once or even twice a day.

Even better yet,

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get someone to help you with it.

Ernest Borgnine is an admired hobo hunter

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In "Emperor of the North - 1973" he put his 3 pound sledgehammer to good use ridding the railroad of those scums!

Lee Marvin rocks!

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Just sayin'.


Too bad Clint gave up acting...

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...because he could kick every one of their asses!


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