Remember what these senators did and don't re-elect them

Yeah, I know it might cause the Dems to lose the majority but that doesn't seem to really matter anymore, nothing gets done. Yep, many in congress are bought and sold. I'm sure we'll see the same situation with the energy bill and others. And I don't see how it will change anytime soon when the very people who need to vote on campaign finance reform are the ones who are on the take.



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Run liberals in the primaries

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The Democratic party will never be liberal because the majority of votes are in the middle not on the left.  The Democratic politicians want to be a majority party and not a fringe party like the Libertarians. 

If progressives want a more liberal government they should run their kind of candidates and support them.  Don't expect the big wigs in the Dem party to do it for you.

{;-) Dan (libertarian leaning) in Miami


Doesn't seem to matter what they call themselves

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When they take money from the corporations their loyality seems to lie with them instead of the people who elected them. As a devout pessimist I resent what Obama did to me. He caused me to hope things would be better. I should have known it would be this way.


Rajah, finding new reasons to mope

Funny about the Democrats

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The more they pursue the "centre," the more marginal they look.


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