The Republicans should change the name of their party to the Flagellant Party

they seem to be beating themselves


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I watched the whole thing assuming you had misspelled "flatulent" in the subject line!  I want my 3 minutes back!

Sorry, no farting was involved

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Now we know how to get Mal's attention

Just make the post about farting or peniseses

here ya go

Sounds like they wanna wait for the dems to fail & focus on 2012

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unfortunately that's political strategy for yah.  Maybe they feel if they do anything they'll tarnish they're names more, and that it's better for them to just shut up and let the dems get dirty, as they are the ones dealing with the problem of the economy.

Here's my only problem, the dems may not be doing the right thing, but they are trying to do something, they are working at it.  I can't say the same for the past 8 years of the republican administration.

Another problem

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Even if everything goes bad, Obama may stay popular anyway.


GOP stands for Gorgons Only Party

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A new nationwide Pew poll highlights the leadership vacuum in the Republican Party. Asked to name the leader of the GOP, a whopping 58 percent said they didn't have an answer -- a number that included 50 percent of self-identifying Republicans in the sample.

Among those who did find a name, Arizona Sen. John McCain led the way with 11 percent followed by Limbaugh at five percent. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.) and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele each received two percent.

{;-) Dan in Miami


I don't trust the nonpartisan Pew Foundation

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If it's all the same to you, I'll just wait and see what Jon Stewart has to say about this.

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