Resurrecting music albums from the dustbin of pop-history...

What albums were unfairly underrated, maligned, neglected, or just outright ignored? I'll get things started with...

"Go On", by Mr. Mister. An album that was sadly ahead of it's time, or behind it's time, or off to the side, perhaps. Regardless, it's complex and soulful melodies and lyrics didn't mesh with late 80's sensibilities, sensibilities that were unfortunately attuned to the hair-glam-synth-guitar-metal big hair sissyboys of the day, and the album was a dismal flop. I had that tape in my walkman for months in high school and only stopped listening to it when I (finally) got a CD player. Now, of course, it's too late to get this album on CD.


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Gates did some good shit. Yeah, it was soft rock but Rajah likes that shit

Mr. Mister

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Did that album have their song that went "Take these broken wings and learn to fly again..." (Someone was listening to the Beatles' "Blackbird.")

Seriously, I loved Heaven 17's 1983 album LUXURY GAP.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Another album I loved

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Devo's later (1982) album OH NO, IT'S DEVO!


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

"Pride" by White Lion

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Hard-rocking album.  Okay, so "When the Children Cry" was enormously maudlin and cheesy, but what about the 6-minute + "Lady of the Valley?"  That song kicked so many different leagues of ass....


Oh come on, man. "Comes in colors"

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and Orange Skies by Love rocks on forever!

say, did madonna steal comes in colors for her song...

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...beautiful strangers?  Sounds similar as a certain youtuber pointed out.  Yes, similar, but far enough to to not get caught.

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