A Review of 7 Previews

Seen tonight before The Day the Earth Stood Still.  By the way, I paid a total of $5.50 for me and my wife to see this.  Suck it up, big city people.

  • Taken - Leam Neeson's daughter gets kidnapped in Europe.  He gets on a cell and tells the kidnappers, "I don't have much in the way of ransom, but what I do have is a life time of gathering rather special skills.  If any harm comes to my daughter, I will find you and kill you."  This looks to be kick-ass good.  
  • 2012 - This is when the Mayan calendar ends.  Doomsday.  The trailer merely said, "Google 2012."  Oh what a teaser.  If that was the best they could do for a trailer, fuck 'em.  I'm sure the film itself will probably suck. 
  • State of Play - Russell Crowe is a reporter looking into the death of a congressman's lady.  While doing so, he uncovers a huge conspiracy.  Which is a good thing, because plain old murders are never good enough on their own.  This also looks to be good.
  • Star Trek - OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!  I CAN'T WAIT.  I WANNA SEE THIS NOW!!!!
  • Terminator Salvation - Will this film terminate the Terminator franchise?  It all depends on a grown up John Connor (Batman), and how much box office this does.  I'm a sucker for all things Terminator and catch the Sarah Conner Chronicles (Try saying that three times) whenever I can.  I'll be there for this.
  • Race to Witch Mountain - This third installment has the two alien kids trying to get to their flying saucer before the bad guys do.  I've never understood that why, with their alien super-powers, these kids need to rely on adults, especially Dwayne (Da Rock) Johnson.  I mean couldn't they rely on an adult with a modicum of acting talent?  I could just see a bunch of pissed off eleven-year-olds wandering around the set muttering "I can't work with this guy!"  This is probably a pretty good flick to take the kids to, though.  Or better yet, probably a pretty good flick to make a guy who lost a bet to you go see with your kids in tow. 
  • Wolverine - Fact: Coaster loves comic book movies. This looks to be no exception.  It's an origin movie with Hugh Jackman.  I didn't know this one was in development.  Merry Christmas, Coaster (Though I'm going to have to wait until May to open this gift).  

 The movie gods have been good to Coaster. 


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I second you on that Star Trek!

Rajah's picture

It looked AWESOME! A young Kirk and Spock on their first mission. Will Captain Pike be in this one?

2012 might be interesting. Many cultures say the world will end then. Hmmm, maybe Sarah Palin really does become president!

I third the Trek motion. The

Decaf's picture

I third the Trek motion. The plot sounds awesome 





Critico's picture

I didn't know that hadn't open in the US, its already out of the theaters here, i didn't see it, but all my friends who did say its pretty good.

Avenge me! Avenge me!

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michael3b's picture

Kirk is played by a tree?

Rajah's picture


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