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Trailers from the following four films were previewed before Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist this past Friday:

The Spirit - The latest from Frank Miller (Sin City, The 300).  The clip showed an ass-kicking superhero involved in what appeared to be non-stop action.  It definitely is on Coaster's Gotta See This One List.  Samual L. Jackson is a surreal bad guy; Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson play eye candy.  The Spirt hisself is Gabriel Macht which raised the question: Who the hell is Gabriel Macht?  (Release date: December 25, 2008.  Merry Christmas to me.)

The Uninvited - This is story of a frail child in peril of her life being aided by clues and characters from beyond the grave.  It looks to be a very well done tale from Dreamworks SKG.  I want to see this and my wife has no intention of being in the vicinity of where this movie is being shown.  That's known as the Coaster Family Horror Movie Double Endorsement.  (Release Date: January 30, 2009)

Bride Wars - Best friends end up having their weddings accidentally scheduled for the same highly desirable venue on the same day.  We get to watch as these two sweet best friends become bitter back-stabbing enemies.  If this trailer showed the best of what this film has to offer, I wouldn't use its DVD to scrape gum off my shoe lest I piss off my shoe.  Painfully unfunny.  (Release date: Who gives a shit?)

Paul Blart Mall Cop - Kevin James (King of Queens, Hitch) gets to show off his skills at physical comedy in this story of a mall cop who wants to become a real policeman, a job he seems to be as suited for as, well, me.  The main story revolves around a bank robbery within his mall in which he's the only person left in the mall besides the robbers.  Think Die Hard with a funny fat guy in the Willis role.  I'm giving the preview clip three thumbs up.  (Release date: January 16, 2009)


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Sam Jackson is a very scary bad guy

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

But does he have the acting chops to play a good guy?  Seems like he is much better as the edgy character who might explode at any time.



What about Quantum of Solace, Coaster?

HS's picture

That's one HELLUVA trailer.  Great-sounding Bond song, too.


Those were the only 4 clips shown before N&NIP.

Coaster's picture

I think that they may have eliminated that clip from the group because there aren't enough Oklahomans who know the meaning of either quantum or solice.  Think I'm kidding?  Remember, License to Kill was originally titled License Revoked but was changed because it was thought by our former British overlords that not enough Americans knew what revoked meant.  And we Oklahomans, who believe Intellectual is a nasty name to call somebody who uses them uppity words with more than two syllables, are but a shining subset of the class stupid Americans.  

When quantum of Solace plays in Tulsa, the name no doubt will be changed to something akin to Jimmy B Opens a Big Can of Whoopass.

Can we expect your review of

jazzdrive3's picture

Can we expect your review of N&NIP?


Coaster's picture

I'll try and get it done before Friday. I basically hated it from start to finish. It's pretty freakin' sad when the best part of your evening out was watching three of the trailers.

Too bad to hear that

Critico's picture

I heard mixed stuff about it but had hope it was alright.


Critico's picture

What did you think of the movie? big Michael Cera fan here.

you've got to be kidding

Decaf's picture

Bride Wars? 

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