Revolutionary Road <MINOR SPOILERS>

Man, what a downer! 


Sam "American Beauty" Mendes was prolly the best choice to direct this period piece about a very unhappily married 1950's suburban couple whose ideals about being better than everyone else have sadly fallen to the way side.  The film LOOKS great and even has similar chords in its original score, by AB's Thomas Newman.  But I think it was just too intimate, too in-your-face for comfort - some of the nasty arguments between leads Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (both excellent, btw) simply weren't fun to watch.  Maybe that fact makes "Revolutionary Road" a great film...but I'm in no hurry to watch it again.  This is definitely NOT a date movie.




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Hmmm, did you think American Beauty was more down or less down..

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...than this one.

AB was much less of a downer than this one <AB SPOILERS>

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I think American Beauty wasn't a downer because - while there was sadness in it - there was also a healthy dose of satire, as well as the uplifting undertone about "there is so much beauty in the world."  When Kevin Spacey's character was found dead, he even had a smile on his face!

Revolutionary Road, OTOH, had a few funny bits involving the mentally unbalanced son of the Kathy Bates character (she played a real estate agent who befriended Kate and Leo, yes it's another Titanic reunion), but otherwise it was played straight. 


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