Riding Fool might get lucky at this bar


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But not with this one!

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4 nuns die in a bus crash...

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...they show up in front of St. Peter who says, "Welcome to eternity, sisters. You have led exemplary lives. But before i allow you through the gates, one question: have you ever touched a man's penis before?"

Nun #1 says, "Yes st. peter. I have touched a man's penis with THIS finger."

Pete say, "Please dip your finger in this chalice of holy water and come to paradise."

She does.

Nun #2 says, "I, too, have touched a man's penis with these hands."

Pete: "Dip them in the chalice and know your maker."

she does and enters heaven.

Nun #3 steps forward to speak. but before she can start #4 cuts in front of her and starts to talk.

Peter interrupts, saying "Sister sister sister! We have forever to spare here. There is no need to rush or be rude..."

#4 says, "If you think i'm puttin' my mouth in that water after she dunks her ass, you're out of your fucking mind."


Say, Rajah, do you have pictures, by any chance?

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Friday, October 17, 2008

Eight McIntosh High School cheerleaders have been suspended for being drunk while performing during a varsity football game on Oct. 10, Fayette County schools spokeswoman Melinda Berry-Dreisbach confirmed Friday afternoon.

“They were under the influence at the football game,” she said. “I don’t know if they had bottles or whatever it was, but they were under the influence.”


I once knew a variety of high skool cheerleaders who were drunk while performing, but it wasn't at any game on skool grounds.

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