Riding Fool, you're already at 233 posts.

I think you need to get your ass back on the road.


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Oh God. I am!

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Please forgive me. I'll never do it again. I promise.

Hit the road Jack!

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And don't you comeback no more!

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, RF.

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Just seems like you've got plenty of time on your hands.

I've enjoyed every one of your 234 posts, btw.  Well, at least the ones I've read.

Well then, in that case...

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you're sure to enjoy this one - or not:


What I find so hard to understand is that this is news! Women have been prisoners to men all of their lives, and it's just making the news today? Quelle horreur.

Must be a slow news day, what with the market still tanking (thank goodness it's Friday and we'll get a reprieve), McCain/Palin playing to their Fox-inspired crazy base of dumbasses (these are our closest neighbors, and aren't we just so fortunate that these neighbors live in another country), MSM ignoring the craziness of it and giving the kill-him crowd air time, and and and... pardon me while I go out on my balcony and sceam at the massive stupidity of it all. For good measure, I'll give a double finger too, which means that should I appear on television news in this country, the image won't be blurred out.

Life will be so much better when Republican America goes completely bat-shit insane and does a blitzkreig march through North America. Lucky for us, only ten percent of those buggers know we exist, so in all fairness, it should be a pretty tame invasion.

My trailer is packed and waiting to go! I can't wait for my blitzkreig migration to begin south to Mexico on the 15 under the auspices of the new Amerika Free Invasion Commission. Plus, I wanna get me one of those completely free ACORN-inspired houses to own and then not-make-any-payments-on-whatsoever loans that Obama is apparently giving out because I'm-not-eligible-to-vote-but-I'll-register-anyway deals. Killer.

Like Coaster says: "Pay no attention to them. They're Republicans." Homeland Security had better be keeping a watchful eye on him.

Now I must be off to look for gainful employment in order that I may take next summer off. Life's a bitch, isn't it? Oops, there I go again, denigrating women.

Oh, and don't forget to vote next week! I'll be sitting my ass down in a polling booth on Tuesday and registering voters who are too sleepy to do it prior to then. Oh well. Welcome to Canada!

Right back at you, RF.

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I have never, and will never, understand why women like the one in the article you linked allow themselves to be treated that way.  Nor do I understand any man who is attracted to a woman who has no free will.

My voter registration card came in the mail yesterday.  It took two weeks to get myself on to the voter's list here.  Not sure how I managed it, but I find myself in one of the few conservative enclaves here on the island.  My vote will be practically useless, but I'm used to that, having lived in redneck country for all of my adult life.

First we plan to melt your igloos

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Then penetrate beaver territory

Sorry to break it to you, Raj,

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but the majority of beaver territory up here has already been penetrated.  

Mal, if your name isn't on the voter's list, you'll need

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a current bill with your new address on it and one other piece of i.d. - such as a birth certificate, or even a credit card - to register at the polling station. Ideally, you should have your new B.C. DL by now with your picture on it.

If you're still not on the latest printout at your polling station on Tuesday (and it is possible), that's what you'll need to register on-site and then vote.

It might save you a trip home to get the stuff in the event they're screwed up the latest printouts. Can I be the registrar at your polling station when someone tells you you're not on the list? Please?

Edited to add that your id must contain an actual address. No box number allowed.

I'm definitely on the list, RF.

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If they've screwed up, then malcontent won't begin to describe my mood.  Maybe it's a good thing you're in another province - it won't be a pretty sight.

Hopefully he'll spend the rest of his years in jail...

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...so did he just spring it on her after they got married?

Seriously, though.

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Why didn't she just kick down the door, or break a window?  Why didn't she kill him while he slept?  Poison his museli?  Nag him to death?  Why, oh, why, do women allow things like this to happen to them?  Why didn't her children alert the authorities?

And coming in a close fourth is some malcontent

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at 102 posts.

Yes, but...

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I've never claimed to have a life.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off slug-hunting.

Yes, but...

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I've never claimed to have a life.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to kill some slugs.

So with salt shaker in hand she trudges of into the night...

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Damn those slugs sliming away in their slow sluggy slugnesssssssssss!

In my next life, I want to come back

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Might I suggest some Beano?

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