RIP Harold Pinter

The Nobel.  Prize. Winning.  Playwright is.  Dead. (I'm mentioning this in the movie forums because he wrote several screenplays, like THE PUMPKIN EATER and THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN.)

He recalled how he and fellow playwright Arthur Miller were visiting Turkey to protest that government's human rights violations.  After Miller gave a critical speech at the US embassy, Pinter overheard the ambassador saying, "Mr. Miller doesn't understand the political reality, the military reality, the strategic reality..." Pinter interjected, "Reality is an electric current on your genitals!" They both had to leave. Pinter said, "Being thrown out of the US embassy with Arthur Miller was one of the proudest moments of my life." (That last line got quoted in the "Pseud's Corner column of PRIVATE EYE magazine.)

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Only two Oscar nominations

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for French Lieutenant's Woman & for Betrayal. Other screenplays worth noting: Turtle Diary, The Last Tycoon (based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel) The Trial (based on Kafka's novel) and The Handmaid's Tale (based on Margaret Atwood's novel) - no Oscars - he had to settle for the Nobel Prize instead.  

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