Roller Coasters and Crankyland

So I'm recently returned from a quick trip to Eastern Tennesse to see relatives (and bracing myself for Deliverance-type jokes).  Visited Dollywood while there, home of three awesome (and one mostly-shitty) roller coasters.  The park's Tennessee Tornado is one serious wicked coaster.

This begs the question: which Crankyland has actually ridden the most coasters?  Slater would prolly claim that prize if he were still here, but since he left us for arguably-greener pastures, I'd like to throw my name into the mix for consideration.  Okay, so I haven't been to Cedar Point or Kings Island, but I've ridden coasters in at least six countries, and in at least nine parks in California alone!

Coaster?  Tee? 



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A fellow used to post here

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I'm friends with him on Facebook.  It's been so long since he posted here, I forget his handle.  He was at the six or so Cedar Point meetups.  He's a librarian and teaches elementary school kids library skills.  He's been to many if not most in this country.  He's a member of several amusement park ride clubs, including the dark rides thing.  He's riddne more coasters than any person I know. 

Too bad they decided to let this place die.  There was such a collection of interesting people who used to post here.  I just hope I wasn't one of the people responsible for killing this place with my dull posts.

I'd have to sit and think a while before I could come up with all the parks I've visited. 

I'll get back to you on that. 

"X" is one of the best costers I've ever ridden in my entire life.  Millenium Force at Cedar Point, however, is the best. 

you mean Junkyard Kid?

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I can't believe HS haven't been in Cedar Point.

Bingo! Yes, Junkyard Kid

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I've never met anyone who's ridden more coasters than he has. 

Coaster and Critico

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Critico: Nope, never been to Cedar Point. 

Coaster: If you think X is cool, wait'll you try Tatsu.



I would never impugn the character of any Crankylander

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who rides rollercoasters...

Oh all right, I would, but I vehemently deny meating any of them!

Reminds me of a Bill Cosby routine

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Those rollercoaster fanatics they be crazy!

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You'd never catch me on one of those death machines!

I rode one with you

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You liar.

His reaction when he got off was one of the highlights

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of that meetup. 

He came up to the group of us as we were about to leave the platform after he ane we just rode the Millennium Force, scowled at all of us, and exclaimed,

"You people are CRAZY!"

For a fellow who didn't ride thrill rides, he sure picked a doozy of a one to sample.

Hey coast, does the name Roy D. Mercer mean anything to you?

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I know this has nothing to do with the thread. Years ago I had a comedy CD with some hidden tracks (unlisted) at the end that featured a southerner making prank calls to other southerners.  He'd usually demand payment for services gone awry, & then step it up a notch by threatening to come down there and whoop someone's ass.  I wrote a well known southerner that makes prank calls to ask if it was him, he replied that it sounded like it was probably a feller named Roy D. Mercer.  I YouTubed him, & what do you know, I think it's the same guy, & he always seems to call folks in Oklahoma on a morning radio show.  So, ever had a run-in with this guy?

Roy D. Mercer is still a staple on the KMOD here.

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I moved to this berg 26 years ago.  At that time, Brent Douglas and Phil Stone had the drive time morning show.  They still do.  Brent is Roy D, and he's still whooping ass.  It was pretty funny when he called the WWF star Goldberg.  Goldberg's response when Roy threatened to whip is ass was "Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" 

They play a mix of 80's and 90's music and I listen to that show all the time when NPR starts to bore me. 


"How big a boy are ya?"


I figured you'd know...

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...these hidden calls ,ust be the same guy, they were at the end of Kamal's album (Kamal was the guy from The Jerky Boys that would do the indian accents) The hidden tracks must have been this guy Roy, but they sounded a bit different, more well thought out, and he would actually threaten to come down to the establishment with, "his boys with him,"

"You WILL have a problem with it when I come down there and I got my boys with me!"

You'll not find the hidden tracks on youtube, but yeah, Roy is pretty funny, he comes up with some funny names too.

World's fastest rollercoaster

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It sounds like a very small park

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But I still say that should be the site of the next Crankycon.  Laughing Smiley


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Not that I need an excuse to go visit the UAE.  I heart rollercoasters.



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