Rush Limpburger resigns as head of the Repubican Party


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The RNC has a chairman named Michael Steele...

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...I'd assume he's the leader of the republican party, the RNC is supposed to lead the Republican Party and make decisions for them.  Why would Rush even bother bringing this up?

He's not the leader, colin powell isin't the leader.  Oh? you mean like a main spokesperson?  Somone who voices all the opinions, like a leader in spirit, so to speak?

At this point, they should

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At this point, they should have Rush be the leader.  Then they can start making a clean break with everything they have done or at least have a moment they can blame on why the 'party failed them' and they can leave office.  If they're going to go out, might as well go out with a bang.  And since the last idiot who held office didn't fully kill their chances, might as well go with an obese pedophile with a pill addiction.

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