Rush was punked : "Obama Thesis" Hoax

It "feels" true?

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Jesus H. Christ! (Does anyone know what the "H" is for?)

I was going to launch a tirade, but it just doesn't feel right. Somehow.


Everyone knows the "H" stands for

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The "H" stands for "Hieronymous"

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He doesn't like to talk about it and prefers to use the initial.

Apparently, he got a lot of shit for it in grade school.

Best regards, Wally

Thank you, Mr. Pipp!

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I'm familiar with Hieronymus Bosch, but I was unaware that the "H" of Jesus H was for Hieronymus, meaning 'sacred name', from the Greek and Latin for "Jerome".

Now why wasn't it Jesus Jerome Christ, pray (sorry, Coaster) tell?

Joe & Mary felt "Jerome" was too ethnic.

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Besides, in 0 B.C. civilization "Hieronymus" could help him pass for Greek or Roman.

Best regards, Wally

Well then, perhaps

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"Jerry" would have been more common.

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