Safe House *** spoiler alert **

isn't in the least like any house I've ever been in. On the other hand, I really enjoyed seeing that black guy get waterboarded a couple of times. I really wish they'd have left his head in the pail longer. It would have made for a much shorter movie.

Ryan (not related to Jack) has come a long way from a pizza parlor - but not far enough in my opinion. He should just fly far, far away.

Vera needs some time under the knife, or, perhaps she had bad makeup and lighting.

Speaking of bad makeup, has anyone seen the trailer at the cheap seats for some dog with that faux Dr. Heigel as a bounty hunter? She's wearing so much bright orange makeup that I had a hard time convincing myself it wasn't a promo for a re-showing of Horrible Bosses with that other orange chick, Jennifer And Her Pouty Lips and Breasts Anniston.

Jesus, but don't "those 'actor' people" get it that they look horrible with that orange shit plastered all over them? Make-up people around the world must be snickering among themselves over that stuff.



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