Sarah Palin = Tonya Harding with a speechwriter

Last night we saw Tonya Harding with a speechwriter. She offered almost nothing of substance. She's positive we should be paranoid. She mocked constitutional rights. Well screw you, Nananook of the Nazis. The stuff about putting the governor's jet on E-Bay was cute but other than that she did what reactionaries always accused hippies of doing -- she tore down but she didn't build up. She did something that no hippie was ever accused of doing, she fortified the luxury bunker where the rich and powerful hide. The creepy thing is that she did it in the guise of an American every woman. She sold herself as a great administrator, even though she couldn't manage to keep a carwash open in the the muddiest state in the union. . (Barry Crimmins)

Or, how about Dick Cheney with tits?


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Well, actually...

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Sarah needs to put on more than a few pounds if she wants to hold a grudge match.


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She's a better shot than Cheney. Apparently.

"Dick Cheney with tits"

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Somewhere- far away, DarthGaul just got a hard-on.

Is it sad...

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that this was my first thought too?


She's a Republican wet dream fer sure

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You have to admire her stance on teen pregnancy

Hillary supporters would have to be really bitter to go for her

What the hell

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Palin did not just say "nucular", did she? Did she?

McCain made a good choice in that people keep talking...

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...they keep talking about this Palin lady, and yet the policies are, and the man running for president is McCain('s)

McCain's campaign would be boring without this woman, now nobody will shut up about her. Stop talking about her and focus on McCain.


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One can't help but wonder if the folks who chose her had any idea what they were letting themselves in for - either the numerous and already-in-progress scandals this woman is onvolved in or the way the media would whip itself into a frenzy over her.

McCain's old - like, OLD. Besides all the tabloid stuff, I feel like people are taking a good look at this chick because the likelihood of her assuming the presidency is greater than your average Veep.

Sarah Palin Shot JFK?

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I find this difficult to believe because it's a major fact that Tonya Harding shot JFK.

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