Saturday night TeeVee viewing pleasure

It may not be as bad as most Saturday nights.

Will it be the Premiere (and possibly the Finale all wrapped up in one) Q'Viva, chosen because I enjoy looking at latinas with no eyebrows? Hell, I had enough of that in El Lay.

Or, perhaps Girlfriend Gohsts. The problem with that is the countless nightmares I have encountered whilst traveling the highway known as life.

Arctic Blast sounds interesting. Who wouldn't want to watch Canada expolding with a nice warm spell in January?

I can afford to pay the Rent, but all those artists, junkies and misfits struggling with poverty, illness and the AIDS epidemic are on their own. There was an AIDs  epidemic? Where? Oh, right. Africa. Still is. No news there.

Ohhhhhhhh. A James Bond festivus in Atlanta. I might flip to that occasionally to see which one is playing JB.

Superstars of the '70s. The '70s? Like I need to be reminded of all the bad clothes I bought. The B-52s in Athens. Christ, haven't they been grounded yet?

Kate Winslet plays a teenager whilst doing something with reading. I wonder what the Breast Factor will be.



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Maybe Shameless or Weeds are on?

Rajah's picture

 Join us at Stop and Go Radio on fridays. There are a couple of Canadians in chat

I have a strong aversion

RidingFool's picture

to hanging out with Canadians. As you no doubt know after CCCP, they're dull and boring. And far too polite. Drunks. They drink too much. Liars. Thieves.

Lazy too. And communist with that failing health care system they have. Nothing but a bunch of socialist bastards, always looking for the government handout.

You know the type.

Plus, I can never get that damned site to work for me.

Oh, and Gary looks pretty ancient. I'm not sure if it's makeup or life that's caught up to him. Unlike me, who is depending on staying young and good-looking forever.

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