Saudi woman fights back at Virtue Police

It won't be long

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before her head will be rolling down the block in that god-forsaken Muslim excuse that likes to call itself a modern country.

Buy Canadian oil from blue-eyed Arabs and send the sandhogs back to riding camels in the desert!

Canadian oil comes from baby seals!!!!

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Cute baby seals!

Why, yes it does!

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But wouldn't you rather slaughter cute baby seals in a pool of blood and seal-guts while giving the finger to a bunch of illiterate Arab camel-jockeys parading around in white robes stained with the blood of the twin towers?

Question: When was the last time a non-Muslim attempted to hijack or blow up an airliner?

Sidebar: After the TSA goes through your carry-on tampons, dildos, condoms, gum wrappers and Viagara, why should you still, as a passenger, have to defuse a bomb-wearing, filthy, sweaty Muslim shithead sitting across the aisle from you? Isn't that someone else's job?

There was DB Cooper

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Though his bomb was a fake.


The TSA's efforts are all theater

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We've had shoe bombers and underwear bombers what about bra bombers? I won't feel safe on a plane til they make every woman and transvestite strip naked!

This chick is my Goddess now.

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BRB startin a religion.




~There ain't no Devil, just God when He's drunk.~


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