Saw The Day The Earth Stood Still trailer

Keanu as Klaatu is a bit troubling but it also features Jennifer Connelly and John Cleese! So I might be able to stand watching Keanu in this role. Michael Rennie puts me more in mind of a Peter Weller or John Hurt or even David Bowie.


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John Cleese?

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What exactly does he do, (oh wait, checks imdb) it looks like he'll be playing Dr. Barnhardt as opposed to Sam Jaffe who played him in the first one.  I never saw the first film, it is on my list though.

So tell me raj, does barnhardt seem like a pythonesque roll to you?  How did sam play it?

It's a straight dramatic role

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I think Jaffe was blacklisted after that role. He played Doctor Zorba on Ben Casey.

You haven't seen the original?!?! It's on tv like all the time, man!

<does the Gort Shuffle>


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There are several references to Jesus in the original movie

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