Saw The Day the Earth Stood Still : you'll be introduced to one horrible creature!

I'm of course talking about Kathy Bates

I don't consider this a remake! The message is totally different from the one in the original. Instead of "we don't care how you run your own planet but if you extend your violence to the other planets your earth will be reduced to a burned out cinder" in the new version it's more like "we care very much how you run your own planet prepare to die!" and "this isn't your planet to destroy"


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Tin cup meets Jennifer Connelly's breasts

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Unfortunately, Kenny Some Dude Who Can't Act had to be in it. Doesn't anyone in the moovie biz notice this fact?

John Cleese as Professor Barnhardt

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His scene appearance was way too brief

In this version Klaatu didn't display any emotions so it was easy for Keanu to play him

Some find the original too preachy but this new version could have used a bit more dialogue

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