Screw Thor

"Hobo with a Shotgun" opened Friday, too. 

But is is playing in Oklahoma?  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

There is no god.


I'm dragging my crew (wife, son) to see Thor Monday or Tuesday in 3D Imax.  This will be the second viewing for my son.  He says it's that good.


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if only he'd ask....(drool)...

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Sadly, Loki's prolly more my type. 

Thor was pretty average

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Review should be coming shortly.

Our doberman was named Thor

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He was a magnificent animal, 95 pounds of pure muscle. When my brother bought him as a pup he almost died from hookworms. It took 6 transfusions and months of recovery but he ended up to be a beatiful animal that I haven't seen matched since. He was my brother's dog but I did most of the caretaking. After an altercation between a neighbor, three bulldogs and a county cop I had to find a new home for him. My brother was away so it was up to me so I interviewed a bunch of people and ended up with an ex-army vet who had been in the K9 corp.

Thursday was named after Thor

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It goes back to the Romans

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The Roman Wednesday was named after Mercury and Thursday after Jupiter.  Saxon gods Wotan and Thor could both have matched Jupiter, but someone in the Middle Ages decided that Wotan was closer to Mercury because he used birds to get ahold of secret messages, sort of like Mercury the Messenger God. (Hence the saying "A little bird told me.") So Wotan got Wednesday and Thor got Thursday.

We saw Thor

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Imax 3D.  I love Imax 3D. 

My wife, son, and I all saw this movie Monday evening and had a blast. 

Although my wearing a blond straight-haired wig and carrying a hammer proved embarrassing for my family.  Maybe I should have carried a big-ass sledge instead of a tack hammer, but hey, I would have had to carry that thing around for hours. 

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