Sex & The City 2 anyone?

Has anyone seen this flick? I liked it better than the first one. Samantha the oldest of the four "girls" is the only one actually having sex & she is in her 50's! You really have to like Sarah Jessica Parker who is in almost every scene. She is 45 & still hasn't grown up yet.


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You couldn't drag me to that with four strong men, a logging

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chain and a grappling hook buried deep within my flesh. 

But then again, my wife did drag me to see Letters to Juliette.  I had to check my penis in at the door.  God I hated that flick.  What a predictable sappy sap dripping sapfest that was.  ::Sigh::  The crap you gotta do to keep a wife happy...  But it all works out: She doesn't begrudge me my motorcycle and I have to put up with a gawdawful chick flick every five years. Still, after watching Letters to Julliete, I have to wonder if the motorcycle was worth the sacrifice.  

What about

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if you arrived at the theater while straddling a BMW? I'm thinking you'd be taking wifey to all the chick flicks on that thing.

Your wife told me in a recent secret e-mail to me

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"Letters To Julliette" made you cry

So you DO have a sensitive side!


The real reason you won't be seeing Sex and The City is you don't want to be caught drooling over Ole Foot Face

Oh Missy-B...

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I'll have the sex, and we'll let someone else go 2 the city.

Well I didn't see the 1st one...

TMundo's picture the chances of me seeing the 2nd one are slim.  Not because I wouldn't understand what was going on.  I see this film advertised everywhere as the local bus company is now wrapping the vehicles in advertisements and a good lot of em have the sex in the city ad.

Anyway, I was curious about the first one, but I've been curious about a lot of films and haven't bothered to see them.  The show SITC is hit or miss.  Sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's not.  And the girls have a thing about absolutely having to emmediatly sleep with every guy they meet.  Whatever happened to waiting?  Will people think this is the norm if they watch it enough?

Oh well, can't say I waited, but if a girl wants to wait, it wouldn't be a problem for me.

Say, there's an ad below that appears to be a video game for sex and the city.  But the disclaimer leads me to believe otherwise.  What kind of girl would play a game like that?

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