Shutter Island <very minor spoilers perhaps>

Saw this.  Pretty good film, although I was very tired when I watched it, so I felt it dragged a bit.  Anyway, it's far from Scorsese's best, but it's an interesting (and very dark) neo-noir mystery about two 1950s detectives (Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo) who take a Boston ferry to the titular island - an Alcatraz-like mental hospital/prison where a female inmate escaped - and where a hurricane is bearing down.

Terrific work by DiCaprio in his pivotal role - Scorsese gave him much to work with - and an impressive supporting cast that includes Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley and Max Von Sydow as doctors working on the island, and Michelle Williams as DiCaprio's late wife.  That's all I'll say except to say that much more is going on here than what I just wrote about.  Great Bernard Herrmann-esque music score that may remind you of Scorsese's own "Cape Fear."

I give the whole thing a B+.




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Your grade is too low. Next time get a good night's sleep.

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This movie was one of Scorsese's best.  If I was 40 years younger, I would have said "Best Evah!

I loved the ending.  Absolutely loved it.  That last line DiCaprio spoke will be etched in my mind for a while to come. 

It didn't hurt a bit either that this movie was also beautifully shot. I'm telling you I want to go to Shutter Island on my next vacation.  Book me a room in C-Block.

The trailer made me almost wanna see it

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Now if at the end DiCrappio ends up frozen floating in the sea I might go see it. That was his best and only good scene in "Titanic".

Finally saw this movie,

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and I loved it.  I don't believe I'll ever forget the last line.


I used to hate Leonardo Dicaprio, but I have no idea why...

Not bad - widely regarded

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Not bad - widely regarded "homage" to Alfred Hitchcock. Still many disturbing images of dead children & concentration camps does not make for a very pleasant viewing experience. They say you have to see it a second time to fully appreciate all the plot twists but I think I will pass.

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