"Singles" is on TV right now.

Goddammit, I really miss Seattle sometimes.


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I miss Bridget Fonda

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Sure, she wasn't the biggest talent around, but she was pretty enough.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Whatever happened to Bridget Fonda, anyway?

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She churned out quite a few movies over about a 7-year period, with Single White Female and Jackie Brown perhaps being her biggest hits.

As for Singles, it's not Crowe's best film (though certainly better than Vanilla Sky), but it has a great soundtrack.


HS, who imagines that he would enjoy living in Seattle if the opportunity arose.


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...I saw part of it, it was okay I guess, but I should probably have watched it from the beginning.

As for Ron, I liked a Beautiful Mind.  My dad knew a college profesor that went nuts, and I drew a lot of connections between the two stories.

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