Six of one,

half a dozen of another.

The delightful little 17-episode series on television in the late '60s, known as The Prisoner, is available online at in full-screen.

Additionally, a 'remake' is scheduled on AMC beginning in March, I believe. Here's to hoping they don't screw it up too badly.


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What the heck were those weatherballon/lava lamp creatures?

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Were they alive or some robot like being? It was never explained in the series.

The prequel series had the coolest theme song ever. Johnny Rivers rocks!

True story

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The late Patrick McGoohan got the idea for Rover when he found a downed weather balloon.

Never ask a computer "Why?"


Patrick McGoohan was also the Scarecrow

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One of the few Disney series I liked

And let's not forget The Avengers!

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Emma Peel!


In every episode

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there's a midget.


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Miss Peel had a midget fetish

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