So THIS is 'Cranky 2.0'??


Since this is a holiday weekend in the US, I'll spend a couple of hours checking things out - but I'm not optimistic.

Oh, and Bats says HAI to the old-timers.


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At least give us some

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At least give us some constructive feedback when you formulate your thoughts.


Not sure how constructive it

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Not sure how constructive it will be.

Main problem is that it is too compartmentalized. One of the great things about the old forums was that everything was in one place.

Secondly, most of the posts are being made by the jokers who caused me to leave in the first place. Nothing you can do about it I'm sure, but when 70% of the posts are made by Rajah or one of his pseudonyms, I just yawn and move on.

Third (and again it's something you can't do anything about I suppose) it is still a nest of fascistic leftists. I'm tired of listening to the claims of 'tolerance' that only extends to approved opinions. The hypocrisy and general snarkiness is not something I like to be around.

So - I guess I'll be moving on.

Good luck in keeping this shibboleth afloat.


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No, I haven't used any joke handles here unless you think I'm also TMundo, Riding Fool, Mal Content, Xur, Kangagang(Throwing Muses), Michael3, Rageoholic(Darth Gaul), Terribell, Madness Monster, Coaster, Wallee Pipps(Wallee Pipps), Shakesmear, Critico, Scarlett, Wulfgar, Marion ,Fearless Freep(Zorro)...

Don't like this place? Well, you only have yourself to blame for not participating. We've heard little from the other side. Your "pal" X-Man only posted once and Wilson only a few times.

Many have moved on. Some I miss alot and some not at all. Guess which one are you.

Well, Rajah's post on Ann Coulter made me chuckle

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Or as we say on the Internets, LOL.  Mrs. Coaster laughed too. 

Now we both feel really really bad about that.  Thanks a lot.

Here's what I live by:

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If I don't like it where I am, I go somewhere else.

Remember RF, no matter where you go...

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There you are

  >> Don't like this place?

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>> Don't like this place? Well, you only have yourself to blame for not participating.

Um, I stopped participating in the first place because of jokers like you and all of the leftist intolerance. Try and keep up.

>> We've heard little from the other side.

And it's unlikely you ever shall, with your prediliction for snarkiness and ridicule at any opinion contrary to yours.

>> Your "pal" X-Man only posted once and Wilson only a few times.

You really DON'T pay attention. X-an was never a 'pal' and I have NO idea who 'Wilson' even is.

>> Many have moved on. Some I miss alot and some not at all. Guess which one are you.

Unlike you, I have a pretty good idea.


MonkeyCling, by Fascistic leftists I assume you mean: intolerant

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We really haven't had that since RBB left this site a long time ago.  The vast majority of people posting here have shown at least some tolerance for my libertarian ramblings over the last 10+ years here in Crankyland.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  How did you manage to get a feud going with Rajah?  That's like getting in a pissing contest with Mr Rogers.

I have it on good authority...

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Fred Rogers was hung like a stud bull!

Watch out Lady Aberlin!

>> PS:  How did you manage

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>> PS:  How did you manage to get a feud going with Rajah?  That's like getting in a pissing contest with Mr Rogers.

Oh - that's easy. I don't suffer fools gladly. Rajah takes offence at those who dislike his jester routine. Rinse. Repeat.

^^^So much for moving on

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I take offense at those that take themselves waaaaay too seriously.

Face it Monkey Queen, like Slothy you're a snob.

And your quoting people is very grundle like

I'll be grundle like and sort of quote Aron

He said once it was hate that kept this place going

So long and thanks for all the hate!

(hey,I got the last word!..........maybe)

I have this thing I sometimes do when there's a poster I dislike

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I ignore their posts. 

And if you knew anything about me, you'd know it's rare that I actually dislike a person.  What I dislike are posts that bore me.  Detecting a pattern of such from a particular poster gets them ignored.  Life is too freakin' short. 

There are few posters I ignore

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Most of it was the You People etc and the Twinkies or whatever.

I've never read an entire Aron post

I like Oddball but sometimes he'd get tangled up with all the spammers.

Now X-Man is a different matter. You can ignore him but then you run the risk of missing the rare moments he's actually funny.

The same thing could be said of me. Yeah, you have to wade through all that silliness for that rare moment....

Oh who am I kidding? It's all garbage!

That's it!

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If Rajah is ignoring you all, then so shall I.

Hmm, I wonder if my presence has scared away so many of the "old timers".

Oh well, screw it.

Today I shall be viewing three movies. I shall endeavor to produce a brief note on one or two, but my keyboarding skills require that my opine be brief, as does my personality.


I meant the You Pee Clones

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I had no idea I had such power to drive posters away!

My plan is working


I never watched MR. ROGERS when I was a kid

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But I did watch MR. DRESSUP. (Trivia note:  In the mid-60s, Mr. Dressup and Mr. Rogers both started out on the same show, a Canadian series called BUTTERNUT SQUARE.)

When I saw the football players with the dancing girl, I thought that clip would turn X-rated!


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Well, have fun kiddies. I

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Well, have fun kiddies. I only stopped by because it was the seventh anniversary of when Bats and I first met during the Invasion of Keanuville - and the oldtimers know how Crankyland looms in our 'legend'.

I was curious if Crankyland had survived Jason's demise and the move to a new format.

It hasn't.

So - I shall be shuffling along. Have fun poking amongst the ruins.


For someone who doesn't like the left...

TMundo's picture certainly haven't offered up much of an opinion in terms of why you support the right.  The only folks that have offered an opinion don't offer up serious ones, but only use their supposed right-wing position as an excuse to troll the board, instead of offering up actual reasons we should support Bush.


It's no wonder those opinions are laughed at, considering they're only there as troll-bait to begin with.

I could do individual posts , but I feeling lazy.

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Seriously folks...this is Monkey King. Whom some, not all , have known for many years. Many more than I. How shocked, floored I was to see such a response towards the likes of such an exceptional human being. Questioning his character, motives, morality? How is it that after all this time you are oblivious to who it is you speak so poorly about/to.


Mundo, you question why he doesn't offer up actual reasons we should support Bush? Because he is an open hearted, wise person. There is no gain in plunging your opinions down someones throat. I love the ballet....should I express in detail why you should as well? All you lefties,like myself, spewing opinions onto this board, hardly lefties guys. Vicar has more acceptance than thee. Standing strong in ones convictions, this is a bad thing?

BTW he was right, as usual, this place will be buried deeper than Keanuville in no time. Why you all want to know is this place dead now with the change in formatting? Because along with the change in formating, came a change in the folks that made this place great. Those with opinions, wit, character and charm. The ones that would make us want to read their next post. Very few remain. You know which ones you are. And how odd that what a mixed bunch you are. Different and unique from each other.

On Bush, or why we hate the guy. Well one reason of many....

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Indifferent wrote:

Standing strong in ones convictions, this is a bad thing?

One of the root causes for Bush's poor performance in office was his confusing steadfastness of purpose with true leadership.  This characteristic was shared with at least two people who have held the office in the past: Herbert Hoover and James Buchanan.  Never again should we have someone in that office who makes up his mind and then refuses to be bothered by the facts.  The Decider should have weighed all sides of an issue before coming to a decision, ya think?  The trouble is, that even if one is smart, it does take a modicum of intellectual curiosity to fully examine an issue.  Maybe Laura went out and bought him some for Christmas this year, but unfortunately for us all, it's eight years too late. 

And being "lefty" during the last 8 years...

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...was as easy as being wet during monsoon season.  You almost had no choice if you had half a brain. 

Now that it is over I will remain (small l) liberal, but my feeling is that the inmates might be running the asylum now that Nurse Ratchet has been ousted. 

Coaster...Man...Hearing Ya...Feeling ya.

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I could bore you with my conspiracy theories on how that little shrub first got in office; hence giving him ability to spread his roots, poison, far enough throughout to be voted in a second time. We all know it, it's not original, so I'll spare all of us.

However, I have to say that from my perspective there is an admirable quality in standing strong in ones convictions and that being strong in ones convictions does not necessarily have anything to do with leadership abilities. It shows strength of character, standing strong in who you are based on your beliefs. Bush has no character. Therefore there is no comparison between my statement and him.

And now for the obvious humour:

Doubt he got that gift from Laura this Christmas. I'm pretty sure that shopping trip would be as successful as a blind person shopping for the perfect pink sweater.

Cheers Mate.


I believe you have the attack part the other way around

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No one was stopping Monkey King from expressing his opinion in the past. That is of course if the opinions he was talking about were posted under the Monkey King handle. Yes, he has a bug up his ass about me and the reason why I can't fathom. But I'll say the mature thing "He started it! Yeah, it was him!"

Apparently keeping this place running was important to some people and I'm not about to boo Jazzdrive's efforts. Hey, it's just a movie review site and people still come here just for that. I'm sorry we can't keep it up to the high standards of the glory days.


I, too, must bemoan

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the high standards of the glory hole, err, days.

When was that, exactly? And for how many days did it last?

I was there!

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You haven't lived till you've followed an online fanfic where Charles Fox introduces velociraptors to gambling.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Hopefully new members will join us

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Though I'm overwhelm by your apparent greatness your words leave me wanting

Who I miss:

Theo and the Deaner


Mr. Mucus

Little Big Girl

The Innocent Bystander


Junkyard Dog

I will pay Mucus...

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...100 bucks a month to post regularly.  You heard it here first.

How Bush could still save the economy

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Set him up in a dunking booth and have people from around the world pay to throw their shoes at the bullseye. What would be a fair price for such a chance?

Hope MR. MUCUS didn't come down with Mucinex poisoning!

p.m.s.: it was good to hear Little Big Girl dump on Coaster on her radio show. Oh how I miss those times! 

Aw, thanks, Freep

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Hope everyone found time for at least one moment of genuine joy over the holiday so far.... mine was teaching my youngest great-niece to fist-bump, among my most-all-Republican family. 

All kudos to you, jazzie, for what you accomplished, but even if it were as easy to create multiple characters here as it was in Cranky's heyday, the frisson is long gone, for moi anyway, and I know, that's nobody's loss but my own. Each Cranky habitue was attuned to a particular wavelength that brought out his/her/its best - not everyone operated on the same said frequency (thus, for example, the basement phenomenon), but it was a large enough group that you could find kindred geeks who shared a regrettable fondness for puns or flames or role-playing or nanaimo bars, and on we'd go. That critical mass of posters was gone long before Jason threw in the bar towel. 

No one in my RL circle (except hubby) believes me when I say that I wrote my very best work on Cranky's (though hey, my second-best recently won the magazine here a district-level CASE award for best university publication), but if sheer pleasure and facility for the writer are the deciders, there's no doubt whatsoever. That's why I like to reread some of it every so often when facing the creative blockage that's more the case these days as I finally grew up profession-wise. 

And where IS Mr. Wood these days? Haven't heard a nasal peep since he pulled out of a stage play b/c of health problems....

I've often said, this place is what YOU make it...

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...if, in your opinion, the place isn't good, then post something worthwhile and make it good.  Simply leaving makes the place worse, and it's nobody's fault but your own.

Not talking about those who go and get lives and/or whose lives are so busy the move on to other things.  I'm talking about the people who moan about the good ol'days but don't contribute much to make the place what it was.

The place thrives on YOU the poster.  If you want it to be a certain way, then YOU have to make it be a certain way.

As for Monkeyking, I've never heard his actual reasons for being a Bush supporter.  I've heard he's a veteran, and I'd love to know what his reasons are for supporting Bush as I have the utmost respect for most of the veterans, I'd like to hear his opinion.

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