So Crankyland is now...

....basically Rajah talking to himself. (This is no offense to you, Rajah, just a comment on the fact that almost none of the old posters are around.)  Sad.



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I'm around!

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Well, not really.  This is the first time I've been here in ages... sorry y'all.  I'll try to stop by a little more often.


Hey, just trying to fill a void

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Yes, it is sad. There's only a handful of people who actually post and not too often. I'd be more than glad for someone to post besides me.

So, what am I?

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Chopped liver?

Best regards, Wally

Sorry, Wally.

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I just did a quick scan of the forum last night and noticed that most of the posts were started by Rajah, and many of them had no responses.  Or responses by Rajah.

I haven't been here in ages either, Xur, and we just *happened* to show up at the same time, hmm?  Are you stalking me?

I Knew it!!! Xur = TCP!!!

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I would have known this all along if I had been watching you FROM THE DARKNESS.  

If you had bothered clicking on any of those posts....

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You would have noticed the majority of them were youtube links. All of them were an effort to get some freaking conversations going on here. The last thread to get more than 100 posts was  about those whacky atheists. You wonder why most of the oldies don't post here anymore? Well, maybe it's because YOU don't post here anymore. They look at the site and they see no posts from TCP. "Well, if TCP  doesn't post here then why should I?" they'd say. Do you expect this place to survive in a vaccum? Why does Crankyland suck? Cause YOU don't post here anymore! < This message is for all the oldies out there snubbing this site. And yes I take offense when I'm singled out as what's wrong with Crankyland. Next time kindly include me out.

Sheesh, touchy-touchy.

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I wasn't singling you out as what's wrong with Crankyland.  I was just making an observation that most posts are yours.

I guess I don't post because I've mostly outgrown Crankyland.  I still stop by from time to time, though, just to see what's going on. 

Eh, maybe you'll see more of me now.  I'm currently unemployed (laid off) so I have loads of free time.  I'm also in graduate school (again) -- this time studying to be a librarian.  You could've guessed, right? 


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I usually don't find much to say here. But I'm here 



It may be that the compartmentalization was a way of...

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...turning the place into more of an imdb kind of site, that way you don't have to expect a response within 2 minutes.  Personally, I like the old way, but there just aren't enough people to do it that way.  This way, I guess the hope is that over time each subject builds a slew of opinions that aren't there to be conversatio...

oh heck, what am I saying, the place needs new blood, we had it going with that starbucks culture war blog thingee.  We need more stuff like that.  Why it is that 900 people were at the site because they all googled 'coffee' is beyond me.

Would another one of those topics work as well?

Breastfeeding in Public!

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Somebody start a breastfeeding thread....

If it were only that easy....

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I'd piss on Cheney's head if I thought it would do any good. Damned if I know how to get anybody to  come back. Mia and Little Big Girl are done with Crankyland. Terribelle was working on a baby last I heard. I don't know what happened to Mr. Mucus or The Innocent Bystander. Posting videos only works a quarter of the time and I'm really stealing from a much more active forum The Democratic Underground. People are burned out on politics anyway. So what's left besides lactating atheist men breastfeeding in public?

Pissing on/off Cheney

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Rajah wrote:

I'd piss on Cheney's head if I thought it would do any good.

Hell, it can't HURT...

I admit I'm not happy with the lack of activity on the boards.

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I would dearly love to see old friends, enemies and assorted well-known douchehammers return, as well as getting new blood.




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


I'm still here...occasionally. My $0.02

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But yeah, the days of yore are sorely missed.  If Aron hadn't offed himself - or sold that million-dollar screenplay and then blown us off in favor of his newfound resultant poon - he would surely be lamenting that fact (okay sorry, my comment prolly wasn't in good taste). 

I like the attempts by jazzdrive and others to reinvent Crankyland and separate the wide array of threads into relevant folders, but I now think that doing so may have robbed C-land of some of its charm - I have to admit, it was fun (in retrospect, never at the time) to log on and see a whole hodgepodge of threads all jumbled together, along with a larger group of posters, including the requisite spammers.  There were negative posts, sure, but very little hostility or opposed to IMDB and other similarly-themed message board sites.  Anyway, I think the "disorganization" of the old Crankyland gave it a sort of "underground" vibe that is absent from the new site.  But, alas, I didn't realize this until just the last few months. 

While everyone (except perhaps Coaster and Rajah :)) outgrows things like Crankyland eventually, it is too bad that some of its more vibrant personalities left - often without a reason or a goodbye.  Bickle got a girlfriend and that was that.  Mia got her dream job embalming the dead and left us behind.  Slater moved to Hollywood and dumped us like last night's burritos (too bad, for that arrogant, fuck-headed assclown was one of our brighter voices).  Theo left at 15,000 posts and never came back.  The always emotional Nick-the-Knife broke up with LBG (or vice-versa, I suspect) and ran for the hills (can't say I blame him, but still...he coulda come back, couldn't he?).  LBG got hitched and had to leave all us drooling guys behind.  The Innocent Bystander?  No idea.  Scorsese_fan?  Who knows.  And Aron?  I seriously wonder if he is still alive.  He has so much talent, but all he cares about is for some wench to call him back.  I enjoyed reading his reviews, especially since he was one of the only ones who actually ever went to the movies!

As for me, I actually relished the movie-related discussions in Crankyland.  Problem is I don't watch movies as much as I used to, mostly because the quality of the average movie has suffered notably since, say, 2003.  With the possible exception of The Departed, all of the past five Best Picture Oscar winners have been underwhelming (Slumdog Millionaire was decent, but I'm just not dying to see it a second time).  And every other weekend is an animated movie, which basically killed the genre for me as a result of overkill.  2008 had a bright spot with some comic book movies, but by then many of our brightest voices had left.

Like TCP, I am not working right now, but in my attempt to make this the best year of my life in every other manner, I have found myself so busy that I haven't even found much time for Crankyland, strange though that may sound.  Travel and soul-searching both take time, really!

I certainly haven't given up on Crankyland, but I won't lie to anyone here, either: I no longer go on here five or more times/week.  It's more like once or twice, unless I'm checking to see if anyone has replied to one of my posts.  I don't know what the answer is aside from recruiting some good, new blood.


Sorry to hear about the job losses

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Homie, perhaps you can add Jackson, NJ to your travel plans and be there this September 19th?  The Kingda Ka awaits.

Thanks, Coaster.

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But that job really sucked, so it's no loss.  The only regret is that I spent 8 years there. 

Not sure about Jackson, NJ on September 19th.  Something tells me I'm gonna be traveling then...maybe in either Israel or Italy (something that begins with an "I," anyway).  But if I decide to stay closer to home, I promise to think about it.  And it has been a long time since I've ridden any roller coasters.  Where in NJ is that?  I mean, would I fly into JFK or Philly?



You cannot resist the siren sounds of Kingda Ka

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HS wrote:

Where in NJ is that?  I mean, would I fly into JFK or Philly?

Jackson is in north-central New Jersey, about 30 minutes from the coast.  It is about 60 miles from either The Big Apple or The Big Cheese-Steak. 

BTW, X remeains one of my top 3 favorite coasters, the other two being the Millennium Force and the Top Thrill Dragster.  Did X kick butt or what?

I think they recently re-did X to make it scarier...

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...or to shorten the queue time (methinks that's the reason).

You have try their newest coaster, Tatsu.  Holy fucking galoshes, Batman! 


Thanks for the heads up about the Six Flags - NJ location.  And as for not having ridden any roller coasters in awhile, I forgot that I visited EuroDisney in Paris this past January, and - before you laugh - I was pleasantly surprised.  Space Mountain goes upside down.  The Indiana Jones coaster goes upside down.  The Aerosmith coaster goes upside several times and basically beats the shit out of its riders.  The place is no Cedar Point or Magic Mountain...but it's coasters exceeded my expectations most definitely.  :)



Oh, and TCP...

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...sorry to hear about your job loss.  If you're anything like me (and I don't think you are, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt), you'll come to relish your newfound freedom.  Employers will NEVER admit this, but when companies lay people off, they choose the victims they do for a reason; suffice to say it prolly wasn't a job worth keeping anyway.  You'll find something better.  Use this time to soul-search, write, travel.  It's okay to be angry about it, but don't let that anger hold you back from taking other risks or having some fun.  Anyway, just thought I'd offer my POV on the matter.




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Oh, please don't be sorry!  I'm right there with ya.  I'm not angry about it in the least.  In fact, I prefer the term "liberated" rather than "laid off." 

It's funny telling people that I was laid off because they all cock their head, get that sad pitying look, and apologize.  Hey, *I'm* not sorry.  Why should I be?  Because now I don't have to get up early and go to a job I despise like 90% of the world?  I feel free for the first time in my life.

Hmmm, this reminds of a Charles Bukowski quote (from Factotum):

"It was true that I didn’t have much ambition, but there ought to be a place for people without ambition, I mean a better place than the one usually reserved. How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?"

So yes, I'm not in the least bit sorry and in fact feel incredibly grateful.  I have no idea what I'm going to do next, and I'm not at all worried about it.  It's a very liberating way of living.


That's a great attitude, TCP.

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I agree with you wholeheartedly, TCP.  People offer apologies when they don't the back story of how much someone liked or disliked a job that they just lost.  It sounds like you and I both hated our jobs, and since we don't have any rugrats to feed, we are now doubly free!

Take this time to travel, soul-search, and all that.  I know I am.  This time next year I may be groveling for a job, but in the meantime I'm gonna enjoy myself.




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...isn't it a beautiful thing to wake up in the morning and ask youself, "What am I going to do today?"

Unfortunately, I can't really do too much travelling because I'm broke (being unemployed and all).  But I'll take little trips around the state here and there.  And I might actually be going to Thailand (fingers crossed) in October if all works out as planned. 

Where are you travelling to?

Well yeah, not having money always complicates things.

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Fortunately, I planned well for this day, knowing it would come, and am able to get by for awhile and even make the occasional splurge.  But do try to follow through on that trip to Thailand.  It really is a special place.  The Thai people are wonderful, the food of course is good, the temples are gorgeous, and the beaches inviting.  And it's cheap, too - everything except the plane ticket.  You won't regret it...not even after 20+ hours of flying to get there.  Just go.

As for my travel plans: I hate to brag, but basically I'm going everywhere!  This year I've been to Rome, Paris, New Zealand, Chile, and New Orleans, and it isn't even May yet!  Much more still to come, including an African safari and a trip to the desert southwest.



Rollercoasters = Enhanced Scaring Rajah to Death Techniques

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That's awesome.

I was broke even when I *was* working, so I don't really have enough money to travel.

I should be able to get a deal on the plane ticket to Thailand, though.  I'm going with my girlfriend, my best friend (who was also my first girlfriend), and her boyfriend.  I know it sounds a little weird and dysfunctional, but we all hang out together.  Anyway, her boyfriend's mom works for an airline and is supposed to be able to get us some buddy passes.  I'll also have a free place to stay once I'm there.  And my friend is Thai, so she speaks the language and knows Bangkok pretty well. 

So it's an opportunity I really don't want to pass up -- I just have to save for the plane ticket and food (which, I understand, is pretty cheap).



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Yeah, it's been a while for me too.  I've been busy.  (It's been very nice lately after a long-ass winter.)

Oh, Jesus.

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Now I'm really depressed.




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


Hey depression, that's a good subject

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Where's MR.MUCUS and Aron when you need them?

So, really, nobody's heard from Aron?

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That makes me a little worried. 

What about Bulworth?  Is he still in Iraq?

Me too, TCP.

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I think Aron's movie critic job might have been eliminated, so maybe that's all there is to it.  But he vanished awhile ago without a word to anyone, and never made it to the new site I don't think.

I didn't know Bully was in Iraq.



Aron is still at his TV Station. Bully is back from Iraq

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About a year ago, I was worried about Aron having not heard from him or having seen him here for quite some time, so I placed a call to his TV station and asked if he was there.  I did not speak to him as I did not want to intrude.  He was indeed still there. 

Bully has been back from Iraq for quite some time.  I don't know whether or not he is still in the Army.

When are you going to e-mail Mucus?

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Huh huh huh?

Youse guys and gal are starting to sound a little hobo-ish


Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

Was Mucus not JPBuckner?

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No, Mucus was not Buckner

Coaster's picture



Whoever he was...

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...he is sorely missed ovah heah.

Glad to hear...

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...that Aron is still around and Bully is back from Iraq.  I didn't like the idea of him being in the Army. 


Bully is online on facebook right now

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I told him you asked about him, and he told me tell her to get a facebook account, under an alias so no one but us would know its her.

He is married, with 2 step kids, out of the army with a boring job fixing computers.

Ah, nooo...

TCP's picture

...I refuse to be sucked back into the world of Facebook!

Married with kids?  My God, we're old, aren't we?  And he's younger than I am!  Scary.


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They are step kids, but his wife is younger than him.


TCP's picture

I can't imagine having kids, honestly.  Some people are truly meant for that sort of thing, but I don't think I'm one of them.

I can't *wait* until my sister has kids, though.  I'll be the best aunt ever.

Being an aunt/uncle is a

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Being an aunt/uncle is a good deal. You get to have fun with them, but hand them back over to their parents when they start crying or the diaper needs changing. The best part without the worst part.

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